Vehicle tracking and monitoring system

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Vehicle tracking and monitoring system::

Vehicle tracking and monitoring system: Team/ Individual Name : Pillars of social service Members of the Team : B.Monisha, S.Nithya, P.Ramya, M.Rathinakrithika. Name of College and City : Knowledge Institute Of Technology, Salem. Course of specialization : B.E-Computer Science and Engineering Year/ Batch : 3 rd year/2011-2015


Our idea is based on the theme social service. In our day-to-day life we came across many problems. One such big problem is accidents that happen over different places in night times and abandoned places. Monitoring all vehicles is such a difficult task. We introduce an idea to overcome this problem. Our idea is to fix a sensor on each vehicle so that the sensor will be continuously sending information about the status of the vehicle to the receiver. And if the accidents occur means it will send a warning alert to the receiver about the problem and location of the vehicle. So that rescue process can be triggered immediately Idea

The Innovation:

The Innovation The new innovation we made in the project is in other such technologies the device will give only the location information to the receiver. But in our project we use the technique to continuously monitor the path of the vehicle. So when the accident occurs the device will not only give the location of the vehicle but also it will give the path to reach that vehicle The device uses GPS and GSM technology The GPS device is used to find location of the vehicle and its path The GSM technology is used to send the information to the receiver. Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation T he compelling need for our innovation is the appropriate device which can control both GPS and GSM technology We have GPS enabled mobile phones but we don’t find them much effective in showing the correct location So the basic need is a microprocessor which can control a dedicated GPS device and a GSM mobile phone We need an appropriate storing technique which keep tracks the path of the vehicle We do need high range antenna devices to give connectivity to the sensor Maximum Points: 20


Impact Since every vehicle needs a security system to monitor the problems our idea will help them a lot The cost of GPS device and a GSM mobile is very low so in very low budget we can design the device This idea will sustain forever since we all need vehicle and every vehicle needs a security system This system will be very helpful for people who go trekking and long trips This idea can be used in monitoring all type of vehicles This device can be also used to monitor traffic. We also face the problem of vehicle theft. By using this device we can find the vehicle easily, since our device will give the location and travelling path of the vehicle This device will be more user-friendly and it will be helpful for public as well as police to easily monitor the vehicle status. Maximum Points: 30


Implementation We can successfully implement this project at a minimal budget The device we needed are available in low cost and the microprocessor programs will be easier to code and implement Our GPS device will be working based on latitude and longitude and hence we can track the path, location and even the time at which the device locate the vehicle which can be monitored using google maps. This project has several modules and for each modules we have separate reference materials Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage This innovation is entirely different from other previously available technologies. Other devices gives the location information only. But our device will give the path the vehicle travelled. Its entirely the new concept We made this innovation by studying about vehicle location tracking systems available in market and our own idea of tracking the path that the vehicle travels Maximum Points: 30

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