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Name of Innovation::

Name of Innovation: Team/ Individual Name: UIET Stalwarts Members of the Team: Arijit Goswami , Rishabh Ohri , Mayank Name of College and City: UIET, Panjab University Chandigarh Course of specialization: BE/ Btech ( Electronics and Communication) Year/ Batch: 4 th /4 th / 3 rd year College ID: UE 105016, UE105080, UE115057 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: Mr Sunil Aggarwal

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: How the idea has been put into place and will be further enhanced at a larger level? Our basic essence revolves around ensuring that the responsibility of providing primary education should be shared by private sector and public sector by means of a system of Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR). 1) 5 -6 new schools shall be set up in school deprived areas which shall require certain set of infrastructure requirements 2) In the areas where the government schools are existing they shall be revamped and certain features like the system of vocational training and ensuring that an ample student-teacher ratio is maintained(i.e. 25:1) 3) The funds shall be procured by means of targeting the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of the renowned companies like Reliance, Nataraj, ITC, Pearson, etc . The Jest of the idea proposed has been planned and put into minor implementation in the lower rungs of the country whereas for the large scale implementation it is still in its planning stages Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation Summary of the innovation needs to cover the following titles: Chosen industry (one industry): Public Services Chosen technologies: Mobility, Social Media and Analytics Objective 1) To provide universal primary education across the countryside by means of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) fund 2) To improve the overall education scenario in rural as well as urban India Innovation 1) Justified and true Use of CSR funds 2) Provision of employment in far flung areas in addition to imparting education which is much different and new in comparison to other government schemes Maximum Points: 10

PowerPoint Presentation:

Approaching the companies for funds by means of their CSR Getting in touch with public administration of the various regions proposing the idea of setting up schools and procuring land, infrastructure, etc APPROACH Recruitment of teachers by means of lucrative offers not only in monetary terms but other incentives Ensuring that each and every child joins by setting up certain policies that shall provide their families employment, vocational training which will help the family in monetary terms Vocational training could be in daily chores like carpentry and various other things that shall help meet their daily needs Why would farmers and other rural area citizens want to send their children to school when they have got so many daily chores to perform?? Answer

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation The need of increasing the work force of India: This is possible only if the rural population is targeted as they make up for an integral part of our country Companies are required to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibilities at the end of each financial year, thus this innovation is required to aid them in completing their responsibilities which not only helps the needy people but also serves their monetary purpose. Expanding the education(which is a birth right) to every single area and also improving the standards of education in areas where it is present----how is this possible? -> By providing quality teachers -> By ensuring that quality food is provided in mid day meal by targeting top class hotel chains(like Taj , JW Marriott, etc) by targeting their CSR funds. The provision of vocational training will attract more people and also ensure that their energies are channelized in the right direction All this necessitates the need for model XXX Maximum Points: 20


Impact EXPECTED IMPACT: The Corporate Social Responsibility fundamentals shall provide the main necessity of every human being for development of a country, i.e. providing education to the under privileged and improving the standard and methods of education The companies will be saved from the headache of their proper utilization of their CSR funds by allocating these funds to the state of education. SUCCESS OF INNOVATION By means of measuring the increase in the income of the people in the rural areas in specific i.e. over a period of 5-10 years. Increase in the number of laborers/workers for tasks such as carpentry , etc indicating the success of the educational programme. SUSTAINING THE IDEA OVER TIME Ensuring quarterly that the funds being allocated are going to the right place Conducting regular tests designed by certain educators to ensure that education is actually being provided.   Maximum Points: 30


Implementation Demonstrate that you can successfully implement your idea by providing a feasible timeline, possible budgets required along with the potential challenges you foresee and the solutions to tackle them. Support your innovation with possible collaterals such as by uploading video links, photographs, reference material of the innovation developed, etc. Net profit of top 100 corporates in India =3 lakh crores Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund generated ( at least 3% ) = 9000 crores Amount we ask for = 32 crores Just 0.356 % of total CSR generated Maximum Points: 50

PowerPoint Presentation:

Set up 5 Schools initially in the remote areas where there are no schools. REQUIREMENTS: Land Infrastructure Teachers Study material, uniform, blackboard, etc Mid day meal INITIAL COSTING for one school: Land - Rs. 3 crores Construction – Rs. 1 crore Teacher’s salary – 35 x 40,000 x 12 = Rs. 1.68 crore /annum (approx.) Study material, uniform, blackboard, etc. = Rs. 20 lakh /annum Mid-day meal = 50x400x12x22 =Rs. 52.80 lakh /annum TOTAL - 6.408 crore per school, For 5 schools – 32 crore which is just 0.356% of CSR Fund generated.

PowerPoint Presentation:

MAJOR PROBLEM !!! How will it be made sure that the families will send their kids to school and lose the amount being earned by the kids? SOLUTION.. We will be utilizing the some area in schools where we will arrange for vocational training for the local community, i.e. the parents of the wards. For example- Carpentry stuff, plumber Get the farmers associated with various government schemes and make them aware of modern technologies and sustainable development. Domestic produce ( Achar , papad ). Trainer’s salary - Rs. 2,40,000/annum Raw material is sustainable. This was the plan when the schools were built and run solely by using CSR funds.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Role of the public sector if the idea interests them? 1. Cost of land = 3 crore /school 2. Incentives or mid day meal = 52.80 lakh /school SCENARIO AFTER PUBLIC SECTOR JOINS IN Initially cost of setting up a school = 4 crore Amount shared by government= 1 crore (app) Rest amount needed from the corporate = Rs. 3crore per school So, if the government joins hand, we can set up 11 schools from an equivalent amount of CSR funds that was 32 crores .

PowerPoint Presentation:

HENCE, The goal of achieving quality universal primary education is achieved by utilizing corporate social responsibility fund. The village is no longer compromising with the quality of education.

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage COMPETITIVE INNOVATION With an idea of such caliber there won’t really be any competition as such as CSR funds are being used to provide any education If any competition does exist Proper and efficient utilization and proper targeting of the rural areas and targeting even those areas where there would be a general tendency for the companies to ignore the areas. SOURCES OF GUIDANCE Extended talks with mentors cum founders of startup companies namely Mr Munish Jauhar of GrayCell Technologies and Mr Kunal Nandwani of Utrade Solutions. PURSUAL OF PATENT We believe that rather than pursuing for a patent it is better we work for the benefit for the society. Once we are able to contribute to the society then recognitions and pursual for patents will happen automatically. Maximum Points: 30

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