The Monitoring Social Agent System

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Name of Innovation::

Name of Innovation: Team/ Individual Name: Madhan Members of the Team: E. S. Madhan Name of College and City: RMD Engineering College, Kavarapettai,Chennai . Course of specialization: Computer science & Engineering Year/ Batch: II year/2012-2014 College ID: 111512405010 Name of the Professor: S.Srinivasan

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea: To bring out the challenges behind the competitive Retailing, that provide a path for sell products in such way. Established: Social media uses advertisements but most of ads are irrelevant to the most global people to overcome by Data-Driven-Social Marketing Decision Scaling: The global users has inconvenience about Too many posting in Social websites, to avoid common pitfalls to focus a Right market strategy that provides the future step of business goals. Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation Summary of the innovation : Chosen industry : Retail. Chosen technologies: Social Media. Objective :To bring out the challenges behind the competitive in Retail Industry Approach :The science of drawing raw data in social media with the purpose of drawing conclusion about the information. Describe the innovation developed: Increase the growth of sales by right products to the Right people at Right time by automated Social Agent. Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Idea Presents though industry as Retail and Chosen technology is Social Media. Using Social Media like face book -posting the ads to the public most of the ads are inconvenience to the global users. The innovative idea is avoid too many irrelevant posting, and introduce a Technical driven as Monitoring Social Agent. The Monitoring Social Agent System is to trace out the smart data such as to individual people interests, Likes, dislikes, Positive and Negative Results. Such smart data is used target the Right People to scale up the Future Market and future business Analysis. Maximum Points: 20


Impact These days reaching the right products to the Right People is Very competitive. Monitoring Social Agent is collects the people interests, Likes- Example- In a face book Comment is-> (I Like Apple Mobile) and the Social agent has post the ads relevant to the Apple Mobiles This helps to find the focused people to scale up and improvement the market. This approach will attract people more convenient way of the business promotion.   Maximum Points: 30


Implementation The development of the Monitoring Social Agent System is like a software tool. It developed by Concept of Artificial Intelligence and using Language is Prolog. The Agent collects the results by keywords filters like similar to google adwords and trace the Likes, shares, comments- then the agent is post the ads to the focused people based upon the analysis of results. Timeline – 8 to 10 Months. Budget – Negotiable. Challenges – The development of single Monitoring Social Agent is may fit for all Social websites like Face book, Twitter, Sometimes Bloggers. The advantage is to overcome the global competitors and sustainable growth in Retail industry. Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage Avoid too many irrelevant posting ads on the social websites. And just focus upon the global people what really wants and interests. Sources of Guidance: from social websites like – face book From this Monitoring Social Agent System : Avoid Surveys. Avoid more money for Advertisements and People interests. My research for the past 1 year is how the public data is to used for successive in business and step for the future. Maximum Points: 30

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