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Name of Innovation::

Name of Innovation: Team/ Individual Name: The Legal Bug Members of the Team: Anant Gupta and Harneet Kaur (Co-Founders) Name of College and City: National Law University, Odisha Course of specialization: B.A. LL.B. (Honors) Year/ Batch: 3 rd year/ 2011-2016 College ID: 2011/BBALLB/008 and 2011/BALLB/022 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: None. It is a Student Initiative.

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Established: Your submission has evolved into an establishment that you’ve set up and the public is already aware of it Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation Summary of the innovation needs to cover the following titles: Chosen industry: Public Services Chosen technologies: Social Media Objective : To create a platform for law students where they find everything they need when in law school. A website that law students get addicted to, for it gives them all they need. An effort to uplift the bar of legal education in the country. Connecting and providing is our motto. Approach : National law schools are mushrooming all across the country. Group discussions, submission rooms, virtual classroom, mentorship program, awareness about legal world, networking, information about the “may be grabbed opportunities", notes, journal links, information on new books and articles in magazines and journals of your interest- we provide it all. You just have to sign up. Describe the innovation developed: The innovation seeks to bring together law school students on a platform where just signing up will make their life at law school simple and most importantly, with a direction and perspective. The manner in which we seek to do is multidimensional. FIRST, On signing up, there will be several option where they may choose the subject areas in law like investment or arbitration from the various options to get information of their interest in their feed. The information will comprise of news relating to law, new books and their reviews, articles in various law reviews and journals, short notes on the subject, internship opportunities, call for papers by journals, etc. So, the feeds will be make their work easier. Students will not have to go around roaming in the huge libraries to find what they need. They will have it on the platter. SECOND, a blog for the law aspirants and first year students who know nothing about law school. A guide and a motivator. THIRD, mentorship program connecting the established products of law schools to the aspiring. FOURTH, a facility to interact through virtual classrooms, discussion forums, where both students and instructors may create their closed or open rooms. File uploading, video uploading, citation finder, and a lot of facilities- all that a law student needs at hand. FIFTH, all the above will be integrated and accessible upon creating an account. The website will also be a platform for law students to connect with each other and the industry and beyond. Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Demonstrate a compelling need for your innovative concept by connecting with the industry and technology area you’ve chosen National law schools and many other private law schools are mushrooming all across the country, and students are enrolling. But the monopoly in the legal market is maintained by the top three to four law schools that grab all the opportunities. Why? The answer is alumni and the edge of being long established. So, the Legal Bug is here to break the culture and to improve the overall education scenario by providing a perspective. In the past ten years, 7 national law schools and 57 private law schools have been established in the country. Setting up buildings wont help. We help students by providing the students guidance at each step when they join, through our blog, by helping them pass through by mentoring them and providing them all the information they need and most importantly connecting them to the industry. Law students are hungry and what to grab all what the industry offers, From opportunities to knowledge. We provide them both. Maximum Points: 20


Impact Explain the expected impact of your idea, metrics for how you will evaluate your success of the innovation, and how will your idea sustain over time. The idea will sustain because of a few basic reasons: Law as a career option is becoming a very strong choice. The government seeks to come up with a national law school in every state in the country. They will have no alumni. They will know no methods and secret ingredients of being successful in a law school. We will provide them all. 3. Ease and accessibility of information are the two key word that will make the website an addiction for the students Maximum Points: 30


Implementation Demonstrate that you can successfully implement your idea by providing a feasible timeline, possible budgets required along with the potential challenges you foresee and the solutions to tackle them. Support your innovation with possible collaterals such as by uploading video links, photographs, reference material of the innovation developed, etc. TIMELINE: 10 th July, 2013: The Legal Bug website was released, with the new batch of law students entering the law schools. The Verse, Blog is functional and the other aspects are under construction. 30 th September: The website will be completely functional. POTENTIAL CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS Continuity of information- has been tackled by way of appointing contributors. Funds- Initially, the project was personally funded, but for complete development, sponsorship is being hunted for. Source of Information- We are in a national law school and the library and online research database is huge. Web development- It is being outsourced by the The Legal Bug team by sending algorithms in form of PowerPoint presentations to the developer, who is charging fees for the work, and is a student from VIT, Vellore. Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage Analysis of competitive innovation that are in the area that you are presenting. What is the competitive advantage of your innovation? The market for law related services is huge in the Indian market. The websites that are currently under use by law students provide information regarding the whereabouts of opportunities but none answers the queries of how to go about it. Law school can be harsh with terms like parliamentary debating, mooting, citations, law reviews, bluebooks all flying around the head of students when they enter. We provide them the answers for ‘how’ and ‘when’ questions. For the students of new law schools, this website will be particularly of great help as it will help them grow in the same manner as students in established law schools grow by making them acquainted with the culture and help them find a perspective. Not just for the new entrants but also for all in the legal field who need to know about the subject areas in magazines, journals, reviews, books but without getting away from the table to move to the shelves. We will serve it. We seek to create addiction for we understand how ease, accessibility and the hunger for knowledge has been making men followers. Sources of guidance you received to develop the innovation to be mentioned. The Legal Bug Team is itself a part of a National Law school that has been recently established, and so the source for our motivation was self-realization. Are you pursuing a patent for your innovation? No. Although a copyright for the articles on our blog. Maximum Points: 30

Thank You:

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