Street light that glows on detecting vehicle motion

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Name of Innovation: Street light that glows on detecting vehicle motion:

Name of Innovation: Street light that glows on detecting vehicle motion Team/ Individual Name : Innovators of 2013 Members of the Team : M.Priyanka , A.V.Saranya , K.Vidhya Name of College and City : R.M.K.Engineering College Course of specialization: Computer Science and Engineering Year/ Batch: Final year/2010-2014 College ID: 11310104080,11310104092,11310104323

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Prototype : O ur idea has taken shape into a prototype of our innovation. Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation Chosen industry : Public Services Chosen technologies : Mobility and Analytics Objective: The main objective of our model is to save power which is spent uselessly on glowing of street lights when not needed. Approach: On sensing of vehicle motion, block of LEDs that is present ahead of vehicle glows to 100% intensity and trailing LEDs glow to 20% thereby saving power. And turning the street lights automatically ON when natural light falls to low intensity by using light dependent resistor. Maximum Points: 10

PowerPoint Presentation:

Description of the innovation developed : The proposed model is achieved by sensing an approaching vehicle and then switches ON a block of street lights with 100% intensity ahead of the vehicle. As the vehicle passes by, the trailing lights dim to 20% intensity automatically. Thus, we save a lot of energy . So when there are no vehicles on the highway, then all the lights remain dim. Sensors used on either side of the road senses vehicle movement and sends logic commands to microcontroller to switch the intensity of the LEDs. Thus this way of dynamically changing intensity helps in saving a lot of energy. The project uses a PIC series microcontroller . The street lights automatically switches ON when the sunlight goes below the visible region of our eyes. This is done by a sensor called Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) which senses the light actually like our eyes. It automatically switches OFF lights whenever the sunlight comes, visible to our eyes.

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Lots of energy is wasted when there is no vehicle movement especially during night all the lights on the highway remain ON. Since currently there is a high demand for power currently, we can implement this idea and save the power. Also the government spends more money for power consumption by the street lights. Maximum Points: 20


Impact If our model comes to existence in wider range then we can save government’s expenditure which spends lot for power consumption by street lights especially in cities.   Maximum Points: 30


Implementation The illumination comes from LED bulbs, which are triggered by motion sensors. As a person or car approaches, their movement is detected by the closest streetlight, and its output goes up to 100 percent. Because the lights are all wirelessly linked to one another, the surrounding lights also come on, and only go back down to 20 percent once the commuter has passed through. This essentially creates a "pool of light" that precedes and follows people wherever they go, so any thugs lurking in the area should be clearly visible well in advance. The lights' wireless communications system also allows them to automatically notify a central control room when failures (such as burnt-out bulbs) occur. This should make maintenance much simpler, as crews will know exactly where to go, and when . Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage If we use microprocessor system, it had to satisfy the data and program requirements so, sufficient RAM and ROM are used to satisfy most applications .The peripheral control equipment also had to be satisfied. Therefore Microcontroller is used to overcome the concept of programmable device . It requires the initial cost only for designing and installation and not for utilization. Hence, such systems are very much useful for the government to reduce the utilization of conventional power. Some fine-tuning is still ongoing, in order to keep the lights from being activated by things like swaying branches or wandering cats Maximum Points: 30

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