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SOCIAL SECURITY FOR WOMEN USING WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY Team Name: W- Enlight Members of the Team and College ID: K.V.Harish - CB.EN.U4CSE10119 S.Abhijit - CB.EN.U4CSE10102 M.Avinash - CB.EN.U4CSE10137 Vempaty Sai Swarna Latha - CB.EN.U4CSE10173 Name of the College and City: Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore. Course of specialization: CSE Year/ Batch: IV year/ 2010 Batch

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea(Prototype under development) Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation Summary of the innovation needs to cover the following titles: Public Services Mobility Objective : In this mobile society the need for security of women is increasing rapidly and steps have to be taken to nurture and protect it . Approach : Fear causes a series of physical changes like increase in heart palpitation. We monitor such changes and use a predictive algorithm to find and assist people in such situation. For Ex: Someone returning from work late at night . A WBSN will be created by embedding the respective sensors in a wearable device . The application will include a transmitter module that will send message as alerts and thus more effective and reliable than smart phones or any other existing technology . A monitoring application can be built over this platform to help police quickly identify the location of a possible attack.

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Let us consider one of the reasons for the compelling need for Women security. A recent Justice Dept. report returned a result of 170,000 completed rapes plus 140,000 attempted rapes. Nat. Crime Victim Report, US Justice Dept. Aug. 95, R. Bachman And how many pregnancies result?  About 1 or 2 for each 1000. This translates into an overall total of 170 to 340 assault rape pregnancies a year in the entire United States . A study of 1,000 rape victims, who were treated medically right after the rape, reported no pregnancies. L. Kuchera , " Postcoital Contraception with Diethylstilbestrol," JAMA, October 25, 1971  . In another series of 117 assault rape victims, of whom only 17 were given hormone treatment after the attack, none became pregnant. Everett & Jimerson , "The Rape Victim," 237 OB & GYN, vol. 50, no. 1, July 1977, pp. 88-90. Only one or two out of 1000? Please explain.  There are about 100 million women in the United States old enough to be at risk for assault rape. Let’s use a figure of 200,000 forcible rapes every year. The studies available agree that there are no more than two pregnancies per 1,000 assault rapes . So much for the numbers. Let’s look at it from another angle and see if that figure makes sense. 

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation • Of these 200,000 women who were raped, one-third were either too old or too young to get pregnant. That leaves 133,000 at risk of pregnancy.  • A woman is capable of being fertilized only three days out of her 30-day month. So divide 133,000 by 10, and 13,300 women remain.  • One-fourth of all women in the United States of child-bearing age have been sterilized. That drops the figure to 10,000. • Only half of the assailants penetrate her body and/or deposit sperm. Cut it in half again. We are own to 5,000.  • Fifteen percent of men are sterile; that drops the figure to 4,250. Fifteen percent of non-surgically sterilized women are naturally sterile. That reduces the number to 3,600. • Another 15% are on the pill and/or are already pregnant. Now the figure is 3,070. Now factor in something that all adults know. It takes from five to ten months for an average couple to achieve a pregnancy. Using the smaller figure, to be conservative, divide the 3,000 figure by 5, and the number drops to about 600. If this is just one of the reason consider how important the security of women is!!!!!


Impact The impact of this application would be tremendous. The incidents related to security of women in current society will reduce multifold. This will bring in a feel of security to women who feel susceptible to these incidents. Notorious people who turn out to be a hindrance to the society will be brought into light. The monitoring application will help police to find hot spots and would possibly aid in preventing something from happening. Besides this, it would trigger a series of change that would be beneficial to the society. . Women need to know how to protect themselves from falling victim to this deplorable force of her sexual rights. Our best efforts would be to get the necessary education out to girls while they are young that allows them the chance to be able to defend themselves against potential perpetrators. There are steps that women can take to protect themselves and most importantly victims need to know that they are not alone! When a rape has occurred, it needs to be reported immediately so victims can get the physical, emotional and psychological help they will need.   


Implementation The physical changes related to fear will be listed and the corresponding sensors will be integrated with a wearable device. The parameters obtained from the sensors is then passed into a predictive algorithm which can find whether the person is fearing or not. The algorithm will handle various challenges to avoid fear caused due to trivial reasons. A monitoring application can be built on top of this and will enable police to predict/prevent a bad thing from happening. For example: consider if a terrorist group barges a public place carrying guns, the monitoring application will show several people fearing in a particular area and the police can be immediately be aware of it using data clustering. This application can also be configured to push alert messages to respective people and make them know where they are using geo-satellite transmission.

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage The competitive advantage of this innovation is the demand of security of women after what happened a few months back. Sources of guidance you received to develop the innovation to be mentioned. Professor specialized Wireless Sensor networks Retired gynecologist Professor specialized in Biosensors AIIMS (Amrita Institute of Medical Science) Related papers from ACM and IEEE Note: Detailed sources will be provided on request. Are you pursuing a patent for your innovation? -Yes

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