Intelligent Traffic Monitoring and Managing System (ITMMS)

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Name of Innovation: Intelligent Traffic Monitoring and Managing System (ITMMS):

Name of Innovation: Intelligent Traffic Monitoring and Managing System (ITMMS) Team/ Individual Name: Devasheesh Members of the Team: Devasheesh Name of College and City: Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology Course of specialization: CSE Year/ Batch: 2014

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea:

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea Idea: It is at a nascent stage where it is a thought with substantial research material or a design Prototype : Your idea has taken shape into a prototype/ model of your innovation Established: Your submission has evolved into an establishment that you’ve set up and the public is already aware of it Scaling: The innovation submitted has been well accepted amongst people around you and are you are now in the advance stage of scaling up your innovation to the masses Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation The traffic monitoring and managing system is a solution to the problem of traffic in the Indian metros where vehicles interact with each other in order to avoid traffic congestion and report traffic related problems in real time and cost efficient manner. Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Present day scenario in Indian cities: Ultra heavy traffic Poor traffic management Traffic snarls Lot of complaints because of poor manual management of all traffic issues Record high numbers of road accidents Maximum Points: 20


Impact ITMMS could prove to be very usual in Indian scenarios because of the following mentioned points : Cost Effective : A single unit will cost approximately s 2000/- (on bulk deployment) Time Saving : lesser traffic jam => distance covered in lesser time. Power efficient : runs on car battery (12V) and draws very less current (0.5A) High performance : minimal human super vision => lesser chances of error Non intrusive : no digging of roads=> less infrastructural costs Safety: Pervasive speed monitoring => lesser accidents Maximum Points: 30


Implementation Resources needed : Nodes : To be installed in all vehicles programmed to communicate traffic status feeds amongst each other (They are GPS enabled devices). Accelerometer : To detect any sudden abrupt impact on the vehicle. Tachometer : To detect over-speeding of the vehicle. Servers , GPS satellites and other lab equipment. Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage Data as a platform : Intelligent Traffic Monitoring and Management System utilizes widely distributed data generated from moving vehicles. System generates volumes of significant live data requiring efficient management and processing. Dynamic traffic data will play major role with applications tailored to manage and utilize data efficiently. As data is dynamic in nature, very stable architecture is needed. User Experience: Very user friendly mobile application to be designed for ITMMS that could be used in smart phones or tabs. Full fledged website Back end monitoring application would also be user friendly, clutter free, intuitive and would require no additional training to learn the system. Maximum Points: 30

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