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Team/ Individual Name:Piezo works By: Pratibha Arun V. - Department of Elec. & Telecom. Thakur College Of Engg. & Tech Divyesh Mehta - Department of Elec. & Telecom. St. Francis Institute of Tech


Contents Abstract Problem Review Introduction Theory Implementation Of Piezoelectricity Proposed Work Future Scope Acknowledgement References


Need of the hour is to utilize the lost energy. The motive is to obtain a pollution-free energy source and to utilize and optimize the energy being wasted . There are variety of energy harvesting techniques available. Mechanical energy harvesting happens to be the most prominent. This technique utilizes piezoelectric components where deformations produced by different means are directly converted to electrical energy via piezoelectric effect. This paper tries to present how to harness the energy generated from piezo -crystals. Abstract

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Maximum Points: 10 Problem Review Increase in Energy Demand with increase in Population. Rapid Development of technology. Scarcity of non-renewable resources. Expensive alternative present. Very few Pollution free methods of harvesting energy.

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Piezoelectric Effect Piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials (notably crystals and certain ceramics) to generate an electrical potential in response to applied mechanical stress.


Unit Cell at Rest - + + - + - Neutral Charge Unit Cell Under Mechanical Compression (“pushing” force): Electrical polarity as shown - + + - + - Unit Cell Under mechanical Tension (“pulling” force): Electrical polarity reverses. + + + - - - + + + - - - +


Max Voltage=-300Vpeak Rsource=1k Ω to 7k Ω range Max Power=-100mW Resonant Frequency=˞ 30Hz Piezoelectricity Advantages Characteristics Piezo equivalent circuit model Piezo Bar

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8 Direct piezoelectric effect: Conversion of mechanical stress to electrical potential Reverse piezoelectric effect: Conversion of electrical voltage to mechanical motion P m = d mij X ij x ij = d mij E m Types Of Piezoelectricity


Implementation Of Piezoelectricity: Power Generating Sidewalk

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Malls & Dance Floors

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PROPOSED WORK Power Generating Roads

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OUTPUT STAGE OF PIEZOELECTRIC ENERGY HARVESTING SYSTEM Bridge Rectifier (AC to DC coverter) Energy Harvesting Circuit As pressure on strip increases, so does voltage increases

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Keypads & Keyboards

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Future Scope : Growing population which is considered to be a bane is used advantageously with piezo application. Pollution free eco-friendly technology. Energy production without depleting non-renewable resources. Cost effective alternative solution. Malls, schools, house Floorings. Piezoelectricity taken as a boon can be said as life savior for the future generations .

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We owe a great thanks to many people who helped and supported us for this paper. Our deepest thanks to our Guide, Mrs. Anvita Birje & Mrs. Sonia Behra , for guiding and correcting various documents with attention and care. She has taken pain to go through the paper and make necessary correction as and when needed. We express our thanks to the Principal of Thakur College of Engineering, Kandivli -East, for extending his support. Lastly our deep sense of gratitude to all our families & all those people without whom this would be a distant reality. Acknowledgement

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References Papers: [1] Tanvi Dikshit 1 , Dhawal Shrivastava 2 , Abhijeet Gorey 3 , Ashish Gupta 4 , Parag Parandkar 5 Sumant Katiyal, “Energy Harvesting via Piezoelectricity”, BVICAM’s International Journal of Information Technology 2010. [2] Takeuchi M, Matsuzawa S, Tairaku K, Takatsu C. “Piezoelectric generator as power supply for RFID-tags and applications”, Proc. IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, New York City, USA,28–31 Oct. 2007, pp. 2558–2561. [3] Y. C. Shu and I. C. Lien, "Analysis of power output for piezoelectric energy harvesting systems", Smart Materials and Structures 15 (2006), pp. 1499-1512. [4] Roundy S., Wright P. K. and Rabaye J., "A. study of low level vibrations as a power source for wireless sensor nodes", Computer Communications 26 (2003) 1131–1144.

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