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Name of Innovation: Portable Bicycle:

Name of Innovation : Portable Bicycle Team/ Individual Name : Sahil Jain Members of the Team : 1 Name of College and City : Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology Course of specialization : Computer Science Year/ Batch : Final Year /2014 College ID: 03196402710

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea: It is at a nascent stage where it is a thought with substantial research material or a design Idea

The Innovation:

The Innovation Summary of the innovation needs to cover the following titles: Chosen industry : Public Services Chosen technologies : Mobility Objective – A portable bicycle Approach - To design a small , convenient and most important portable bicycle Describe the innovation developed –My innovation is to design a bicycle which is portable. By portable I mean that it is small and convenient to be carried easily for example in a bag or briefcase by either allowing it to be folded from various point or split into pieces which can rejoined easily by anyone. Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Well today its not difficult to travel far places . Like thanks to Delhi Metro , connecting all the places in Delhi , people can easily travel. But problem arises when we have to travel some near-by place like to a station or tourist spot which is for example at 3km distance . Private transport like auto rickshaw and taxi was off course available , but we all know how unfairly high they charge. They rarely they get ready to go by meter and many times even reject to go . Plus public transport like local buses don’t cover all the routes. So having a convenient portable bicycle which you can carry in your bag or briefcase , can be a huge cost saver plus sometimes life saver. Not to mention cycling will keep you fit and healthy .  Maximum Points: 20


Impact   →If a easily portable bicycle is designed and available at reasonable price , it will surely have a huge impact on people life especially on middle class people and youngsters life who love to travel. →The success of my innovation can be measured by calculating metrics like reduction in people taking taxi’s or auto rickshaw's. The individual using my innovation can see it’s success by seeing reduction in his/her expenses at travelling. Plus his/her increase in stamina and fitness in body due to cycling. →My idea is ever green. Its ecofriendly and user-friendly. Easily portable and less maintainability expenses. Maximum Points: 30


Implementation My project is still in idea stage. No implementation details can be provided yet. Sorry  Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage My idea will compete with private transport like taxi’s , auto rickshaw’s and rickshaw’s .My innovation is basically to cover small distances or routes not generally covered by public transport. So it basically will not compete against public transport like metro and buses. The competitive advance of my innovation is rising prices of everything including petrol, diesel and fare for travelling. My source of guidance is general public especially middle class. This include me. I can cover a distance of 40+ km in just R s 23 by metro. But will pay R s 50 to travel less than 5 km by auto. Is it fair? I am not pursuing a patent for my innovation . Maximum Points: 30

Thank You:

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