Dermal Fillers What All Can They Do

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Dermal fillers have made the rounds for enhancing the appearance of the cheeks and lips of a number of males and females celebrities and common man alike. And they have also been doing the rounds with a number of myths that people associate with them But do you know that these fillers can do a whole lot more than you think They aren’t restricted to the cheeks and lip alone there is much more that they can uplift. If you get in touch with a professional and experienced Botox fillers specialist in Mumbai one like Dr. Marwah’s Clinic you will be amazed to see all that can be enhanced with the help of these fillers. Here are some of the cosmetic uses that dermal fillers can provide other than cheek and lip shaping. Jaw Reduction While we don’t notice but it is our chin and jawline that plays a significant role in making us look good or bad. A well-defined jawline can change the entire look of a face Earlier this jawline could be altered surgically with the help of implants. But these implants couldn’t be that personalized. The most noticeable feature in models who walk the ramp is their beautiful sharp jawline Males can have a more masculine look just by getting their fillers. Dermal fillers have now entered the market to offer a personalized approach that can be addressed from patient-to-patient while changing the shape of the chin to give a look that the client wants especially a slimmer looking face and sharper features.

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Eyebrow Lifting Ever wondered why women have their eyebrows shaped regularly It is because eyebrows are another significant element that defines the face’s charm. Now if you are not happy with your natural eyebrows it wouldn’t make much difference to you whether you have your eyebrows shaped regularly or not. But hold on You do have a chance to work on them. There are certain muscles that are responsible for holding the eyebrows down. By relaxing these muscles using anti-wrinkle injections the eyebrows are released from the downward pull after which the forehead muscles are lifted to lift the eyebrows up without being antagonized. After this dermal fillers are injected underneath the eyebrow to elevate the eyebrow further. This also softens the bony orbital rim around the eyebrows leading to a softer and youthful appearance. With ageing the temple hollowness increases. When this is corrected one gets a more aesthetic appearance and helps with the eyebrow too. Neck Rejuvenation Another element that can be treated with dermal fillers is the ring that runs horizontally across the neck. Whether you are ageing and have received this neck ring as a free bonus or you are young and are suffering from this old look you can have it treated with dermal fillers. However you need a completely experienced professional to handle this case for you because even the slightest fault in this situation can lead to complications While we don’t want to scare you we are just warning you to have such procedures performed by an experienced Botox fillers specialist in Mumbai Also remember that if your skin has considerable laxity this procedure may not be a good option for you. Hand Rejuvenation As we age there is one organ of the body that shows our old age other than the face. What we are speaking of here is the hands. Yes the hands pretty much depict one’s age by showing off the underlying veins tendons and boney structures as one age. However you can hold back anyone from guessing your age by having your hands rejuvenated. Dermal fillers can correct the volume loss and hide visible veins and tendons that make the hands appear aged. Here too we would suggest you an experienced dermal filler specialist.

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Acne Scars Acne scars are the hardest treating skin disorders but not with dermal fillers These dermal fillers can fill in space behind the scar pushing the skin out. The former scar site may develop new collagen tissue matrix and blood vessels with the help of dermal fillers. This treatment is suggested for moderate to severe scarring from acne. This is definitely not a permanent treatment but works beautifully in emergencies like getting married in a few days or have a crucial job interview Also for people who aren’t able to afford the downtime with ablative Lasers which of course give permanent result. Tear Troughs This is another area where people can find hollowness to reveal their age. However this groove can be improved by pulling the skin to one side or pressing it on the upper cheek. Dermal fillers can be injected directly under the hollow between the lower eyelid and cheek which lifts the tear trough up to the right level thus smoothing the appearance of the area. See how amazingly you can look younger and more confident with these dermal fillers So if your skin is aging and you wish to hold it back you definitely have an option. All you have to do is approach a professional and recognized Botox fillers specialist in Mumbai For more information visit: