Shawn Johnson

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Shawn Johnson :

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson inspires me because…..:

Shawn Johnson inspires me because….. She is the beam champion for the 2008 Olympics. She is very powerful and strong. I really want to be like her. Intelligent, powerful, and strong.


GYmnastics Shawn is the 2008 Olympics beam champion.

Accomplishments :

Accomplishments Shawn went to the 2008 Olympics.


motto “love big, live big”.


workouts -trained for 4 hours every day -5 hour workouts on Saturday -30 minutes for stretch, conditioning, and endurance training. -50 minutes on each event.


conditioning -push-ups -sit-ups -squat jumps -pull-ups


motivation Shawn Johnson can keep me motivated in this sport because she went through everything that I am going through. Fears, injuries, and frustration. I want to be like her. A hero in the sport of gymnastics.

Special cardiorespiratory system equipment :

Special cardiorespiratory system equipment Shawn doesn’t really use any equipment that helps her cardiorespiratory system.

Shawn Johnson:

Shawn Johnson My ultimate hero and role model.