Tennis Then and Now

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Tennis Then and Now:

Tennis Then and Now From monks & monarchs to Milos & Maria, tennis and its journey. - Ashlyn Hazelton

2014 Rome Finalists Rafael Nadal &Novak Djokovic:

2014 Rome Finalists Rafael Nadal &Novak Djokovic

A Game Full of Power and Performance:

A Game Full of Power and Performance Both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic strike the tennis ball will exceptional power as do the majority of tour players today. Their equipment is extremely advanced right down to the performance clothing they wear which helps keep them cool and dry. But has the spirit of the game changed? Let’s take a further look!

The original name of tennis Jeu de Paume:

The original name of tennis Jeu de Paume The name literally means “game of palm”. Tennis originally was played with the palm of the hand and a paddle. The handle or racquet like device came some years later.

Jeu de Paume courts in the 12th century:

Jeu de Paume courts in the 12 th century The early courts were indoors often in monasteries. These courts had walls where the ball could be hit off of. Serving was done from only one side as was receiving. The server would say “ tenez ” translated “take heed” then the server would serve to the receiving court. The game quickly became so popular some 300 courts existed in Paris alone. The recreated image right depicts the wall, net and gallery you might have seen at that time.

Early racquets and strings:

Early racquets and strings Early racquets were made of wood often oval in shape. Strings were made of cow intestines called gut. = See how gut is made:

Scoring is revised:

Scoring is revised Using the clock tennis was originally scored as 0, 15, 30 45 and 60 or game. Later on it was realized that because the game had so many changes in momentum that games should be won by two points. This posed a problem with the 15 minute clock type increments. The ad or advantage system was born. This said that after two players had the same score or deuce, first the player would gain his or her advantage then finally win the game. A slight adjustment was made to the scores to accommodate this. 45 became 40 so that the final 20 could be split in two as 10 and 10. Advantage being the first 10 with game or the win being the second.

The modern game of tennis:

The modern game of tennis In the early to mid 1980’s the game took a big leap in style of play and equipment.

Tennis transforms itself with a new racquet:

Tennis transforms itself with a new racquet The Wilson T2000 was lighter, didn’t warp and had less wind resistence . Jimmy Connors made the racquet popular playing with it through the mid 80’s

By the mid to later 80’s racquet manufacturers tried many materials:

By the mid to later 80’s racquet manufacturers tried many materials One of the first companies to get it right was Prince. The Prince Pro or Tour was one of the most successful racquets of the time. It was extremely light and was oversized which made it much easier to contact the ball.

Tennis hits its stride with two players:

Tennis hits its stride with two players John McEnroe brought a flare, excitement and “no he didn’t” feel to the game. Andre Agassi made hitting on the rise the standard of tennis.

Tennis at it’s height:

Tennis at it’s height By the time the 90’s rolled around tennis was more popular than it had ever been before. With so many personalities and the game’s advancements in equipment, its appeal to the public was evident. Teenagers were winning grand slams (one of the 4 major tournaments) and the ball was being hit with such pace that former stars felt over powered even leaving the professional ranks. With all this said the spirit of the game still remains. A ball is still hit over a net and onlookers still cheer on the combatants.

Sounds great I’m ready to play but where?:

Sounds great I’m ready to play but where? Tennis can be played on a variety of surfaces. You may find all four surfaces i n your area however you may also find due to your climate one may be more p rominent than others. Check your local parks and tennis clubs to see what s urfaces they offer! Clay Hard Court Grass Indoor

The spirit of the game:

The spirit of the game Although tennis has seen many changes throughout the years, its spirit remains. When Novak Djokovic recently won the warm up to the French Open in Rome it was as if he was on an island alone battling Rafa Nadal point by point. In the 12 th century when Henry the 8 th faced his opponent there’s little doubt he visited that same island all those years ago.

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