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Castellanos’ Lawyer’s Office :

Nohemy Paz 20.947.950 Castellanos’ Lawyer’s Office

Agenda :

Agenda About me Unit 1 People in my live Unit 2 let’s eat Unit 3 Unsolved Mysteries Unit 4 Today’s Trend Unit 5 In the Neighboorhod Reflection

About me :

: About me

About me :

About me My name is Nohemy Paz, I´m 18 years old, study Law in Urbe, I live in Maracaibo, Venezuela. My favorite food is thepizza, because is crunchy and sweet, and has delicious spicies. The mystery call attention is determinate when the diamonds are certified and legals. My Family has a typical trend, are married and my parents works. Normally I´m going to the downtown to carry the merchandise to the bussines. I live in the Neighboor Los Claveles, in the main street, are drugstore, bakery and the Cecilio Acosta University.

Unit 1 People in my live :

Unit 1 People in my live In the Castellanos´ Lawyer´s office works my older brother Josue, like supervisor and his girlfriend is my best friend and future colleague and soon she´ll be part of my family. In the Lawyer´s Office are making a personal Yearbook with experiencies and birthday dates.

Unit 2 let’s eat :

Unit 2 let’s eat In the Lawyer´s office has his own master chef, has a healthy and various menu, but fridays has an italian menu with juicy salads and crunchy pizza. Some colleague loves monday menu because is mexican and spicy.

Unit 3 Unsolved Mysteries :

Unit 3 Unsolved Mysteries Normally in the Lawyer´s office has many cases in private order, point in fraud, An jewelry received a blood diamonds with illegal autentification certifies and accuse the distribuitor and is meeting to the Judge for possible crime.

Unit 4 Today’s Trend :

Unit 4 Today’s Trend The family trend case arrived in the Lawyer's office are divorces and the woman porcent are four times majority than man.

Unit 5 In the Neighboorhod:

Unit 5 In the Neighboorhod The lawyers has to make arrends, go to re Registry, a court, notary´s office to look for documents, the courier carry to private mail box to national level. My house is a two blocks of the Lawyer´s office, the neighboor is big and comfortable.

Reflection :

Reflection In this level I expand my vocabulary, my grammar, I learned technical words and useful to the language.

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