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Ice climbing is the activity of ascending inclined ice formations. Usually, ice climbing refers to roped and protected climbing of features such as icefalls, frozen waterfalls, cliffs etc. To know more visit


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Get trained under the best ice climbing guide for best climbing experience Ice climbing despite of its deathly risks and challenges is emerging as one of the most enjoyable sport among the dauntless warriors. Per year many people are stepping into this dangerous sport. This high demanding of this sport has led to the increase of various ice climbing programs around the world. Ice climbing guides The popularity of ice climbing has resulted in various ice climbing training programs. There are many programs started so as to provide proper training for the climbing aspirants. High XposureAdventures is such a climbing school and ice climbing guide service which helps in the best grooming of the students. It is an AMGA accredited institution offers the training in the Shawangunks Mountain which is 90 miles away from the New York City. The best trainers working there helps the students in getting a basic foundation on the climbing methods and techniques making them a better climber. Let us see the role of climbing schools in shaping up a better climber.

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 Basic foundation There are many aspiring climbers with the dream to become the best climber joining the training programs. Such newbies can get trained by learning the basics and can get an overall idea about climbing. Experienced climbers can also get trained under the ice climbing programs to refine their skills.  Safety measures One thing which is very important to watch out in climbing is the safety. The students can learn about the safety measures they can use. They will get the chance to use all the new protective devices available in the market. As students are training in the real life conditions they will get to experience all the dangers associated with the climbing and learn to use the safety measures.  Climbing techniques There are various styles and techniques associated with climbing. Under the guidance of the expert coaches students will get the chance to know and practice all the climbing styles and techniques.  Climbing gears Climbing gears are the most important necessities for climbing. Climbing rope quick draws belay devices are the most commonly used devices for climbing. Every day new inventions are happening in every fields. The same goes for climbing field too. Students can learn to use the new devices and can use them according to the needs. Along with the popularity of ice climbing the schools to teach them are also increasing day-by- day. Many people are getting enrolled in the climbing schools with the passion to become an expert climber. The coaching under the guidance of instructors who proved their talent in this field with years of experience will be really useful for molding the best climbers. Finally the candidates with no previous experience with climbing can shine as one of the best climbers in the world.

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