Let your kids explore their inner smartness; Subscribe to Da Vinci

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Start something smarter & subscribe to Da Vinci Learning, India’s first Kids HD Educational Channel giving a learning experience the fun way.


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Let your kids explore their inner smartness; Subscribe to Da Vinci Learning :

Let your kids explore their inner smartness; Subscribe to Da Vinci Learning

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Imagine having a cool mentor for your kids. Introducing Da Vinci Learning- India’s first Kids HD Educational Channel , entertaining the entire family in a cool & fun way. The unique, interactive & interesting programs are designed & conceptualized in such a manner that kids can sit with their parents & even grandparents to watch & enjoy the joy ride together. It combines the world of entertainment with knowledge, ensuring that your children get that perfect blend of fun & learning. Da Vinci Learning has entertaining programs like stories, fun concepts of Math’s, interactive experiments from science, interactive quizzes, educational games, art & craft lessons, Learning shows on history, geography and a host of other topics. Da Vinci learning is anew interactive channel for your children to help them prepare, revise and excel in subjects like Math, English and science. You can see your child learning in the fun & entertaining way with tons of activities and interactive components that will keep him/her engaged and entertained for hours.

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You can easily get off that stress-hat & set the right foundation for your child′s overall development. The displayed content on the channel would be fresh, strictly nonviolent and Without an iota of unpleasant language. Let your little geniuses explore their way & learn while enjoying, giggling & munching. The freedom to do it their way allows them to spread their wings of creativity and construct something new every day. Planned for the entire family’s fun, the Da Vinci Learning channel offers something for everyone: mornings are dedicated to the children, while families can enjoy afternoon programming together and parents and adults can experience stimulating documentaries in the evening. As we know, the first ten years of childhood are critical for success in the later years of adult life. Investment in the form good upbringing & a healthy learning environment plays an important role in setting the correct ground foundation.

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The entertaining & informative programs meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive developmental needs of children. The channel has developed the best programs that nurture creativity and enhance problem-solving and a host of other skills in the children. We invite you to join us on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram and learn more about the India’s 1 st Kids HD Educational Channel – Da Vinci Learning.

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