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You are not a single person who has just experienced issues with HBO GO streaming. Due to the HBO Now buffering, users choose Netflix over HBO GO for online streaming.


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Do you possess an HBO GO Buffering or HBO NOW Buffering device? Then you possibly like to have a remote control. Fortunately, there are both app-based and physical choices and both third-party and official product options. In this blog post, we will discuss top HBO Go Buffering and HBO NOW Buffering remote apps and controls so you can find the most useful one. Top 3 HBO Go Buffering and HBO NOW Buffering Remote Apps and Controllers

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1. HBO GO Buffering It has some essential enhancements while in comparison with the 1 st -gen model. It includes volume buttons so you won’t require keeping the remote of the TV when you are watching. It also includes a mute and a power button, both of which were not present in the original design. Before purchasing, ensure to check the compatibility with your HBO Now Buffering . This new remote is not compatible with all devices. It just functions with the 2 nd -gen HBO NOWs, HBO NOW TV, HBO NOW 4K, and the 3 rd -gen HBO NOW.

Slide 4: 2. HBO NOW Game Controller This is another official HBO now remote which takes its design suggestions from the controllers for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This controller features a headphone jack for private listening and instant voice search. Due to its more buttons, you can play the best HBO NOW games. You can still use it for navigating the HBO NOW regularly. However, it’s not compatible with the HBO NOW TV, HBO NOW Edition TVs, 4K HBO NOW, and the 4K HBO NOW.

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3. Basic Edition Remote for HBO NOW Buffering: In case you don’t live in the US, you can have an international HBO NOW edition. However, it lacks a few performances of the USA model. This is an accompanying remote for HBO NOW Buffering . But it doesn’t have volume controls and doesn’t assist.

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