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Connell Barrett the dating coach for men at Dating Transformation. He has years of experience in understanding the women-men psychology. This New York City Dating Coach, is the best relationship and personal coach in NYC, USA. He believes that authenticity, clarity and expressiveness are the 3 most important pillars of any relationship. He has different strategies and tactics for different men which he decides from the assessment test. Assessment test is the pre-requisite of date coaching. Website - Blog -


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d a t i n g t r a n s f o r m a t i o n . c o m

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I n t r o d u c t i o n I n t r o d u c t i o n Build more self-esteem meet more people and attract more Amazing Women to create the life you want. Confidently Approach Attract Amazing Women Youll learn... Dating in new york How to walk up with complete confidence The magic words that make her smile How to literally never get rejected The 4 triggers for instant attraction

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M e e t Y o u r D a t i n g C o a c h M e e t Y o u r D a t i n g C o a c h I’m Connell Barrett founder and executive coach of Dating Transformation. My mission: To help you meet and attract amazing women as your most authentic confident self. Chances are you struggle in this area. You see those girls you want to talk to but anxiety and self-doubt hold you back. Or maybe you do meet attractive women but they either reject you or banish you to the “friend zone.” Connell Barrett

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A . C . E . D a t i n g S y s t e m A . C . E . D a t i n g S y s t e m The A.C.E. Dating System to teach guys in days what took me years to learn. When you communicate with Authenticity Clarity and Expressiveness you channel your most confident self. And women love confident men. The stakes are high. This is your love life. The cost of doing nothing frustration settling is steep. The rewards for taking action are massive from dating the girl of your dreams to becoming the man you were meant to be.

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P e r s o n a l D a t i n g C o a c h P e r s o n a l D a t i n g C o a c h You can date beautiful women by using the power of authenticity —because girls are attracted to the REAL You I T S T I M E T O B E C O M E T H E M A N Y O U W E R E M E A N T T O B E It’s frustrating. And it shouldn’t be this way. You deserve high-quality women in your life but fear and self-doubt hold you back. You’ll get everything you need to know about success with women—how to approach how to flirt how to get numbers how to dial up chemistry how to smoothly move in for the kiss in a way she’ll love how to plan a great date and more.

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I ’ l l p u s h y o u r c o m f o r t z o n e a n d o f f e r e x p e r t f e e d b a c k f o r i n s t a n t f i x e s t h a t s t i c k . I ’ l l p u s h y o u r c o m f o r t z o n e a n d o f f e r e x p e r t f e e d b a c k f o r i n s t a n t f i x e s t h a t s t i c k . Plus you’ll access my personal vault of tip-of-the-spear techniques drills and mindsets including … The secret to bullet-proof confidence 10 Texting Commandments to guarantee she’ll always write back 5 killer Tinder messages that never miss 3 failsafe moves to turn Instagram into your personal date-generator How to approach and literally never get rejected Tips for structuring a perfect first date The secret to shattering absolutely ANY limiting belief How to move in for your first kiss—in a way she’ll love Heres my vision for you... You’ll meet more beautiful women have more fun enjoy more dating options feel more freedom have more confidence and be more authentic. When you walk into that crowded bar or head out for that “big date” or text the girl you’re really into you’ll have towering confidence and know exactly what moves to make.

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H o w I t W o r k s H o w I t W o r k s How does my coaching work Just 3 easy steps... You schedule your FREE assessment We discuss your goals and create a game plan to get you results You take action with my support—until you get your outcome

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S u c c e s s S t o r i e s S u c c e s s S t o r i e s I would see all these attractive girls but I couldn’t talk to them. I felt powerless. Stuck. Connell gave me a simple step-by-step system. Connell made a big difference in my life. I feel like more of a man. Freedom - Allen 27 Ann Arbor Michigan I had taken a program with a popular dating company and my results had gotten worse. When I reached out to Connell I hadn’t had any luck in two months. What a night. I hadn’t connected with a great girl in months and my first night out with Connell it all clicked. And within a week I was dating three girls. Slump over - Brad 32 Project Supervisor Manhattan Connells program is about a lot more than dating beautiful women. Its about self- development--being more authentic taking action and blasting through limiting beliefs to achieve what you want. Our 2-hour session went deep. - Zack 33 Ann Arbor Michigan

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Thank You d a t i n g t r a n s f o r m a t i o n . c o m