Improve your Local Business Listing with Google Maps

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Google Maps is updated with new features. So now, One can improve their local business listing with share experience with photos and missing roads.


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Improve your Local Business Listing with Google Maps’ New Features Google Maps has been a savior for many of us and they have been constantly introducing new ways to make the product more helpful and inspire contributors to add more information. Recently Google Maps announced multiple ways to improve the listing without leaving a review. There will be a new content type called “Photos Update” which would be introduced to Google Maps to highlight recent photos of the location without leaving a google review. This rollout is focused on making sharing and finding relevant information about the location easily and making the contribution challenge more fun. Share experience with photo updates: Now the user will be able to update the share a recent snapshot of a place with a small description to ensure that the latest visual information is available about the place. You simply have to Search Location Updates Add a photo update make a selection of the photos leave a description and submit. This feature will certainly help you improve your local business listing on Google Maps. Update Missing Roads on the Maps: This seems to be a long-due update where contributors can update about the missing road on the maps. Google Maps introduced a robust desktop road editing tool that would help you add missing roads. Simply go to and find the location where you know the road is missing. Go to edit the map select missing road and start drawing the road location. You can rename the roads and change the directionality as well. This feature is being rolled out gradually.

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Optimize your local business listings with google’s new features and take leverage of Google Maps. The local business listing will help you gain visibility and business from the surroundings of your business. You can gain more information from Google’s official blog or our blog section on the website. Source: