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For any business, a website is an essential thing. To choose an eCommerce platform, here are 5 points to guide you which is best: Magento vs WooCommerce


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Which is the best eCommerce Platform Magento vs WooCommerce For any eCommerce startup one of the biggest and confusing questions which platform is good to proceed with As there are two most prominent platforms Magento and WooCommerce that have garnered enough attention in the market. But to choose one of the best out of both is a moot point. To help you get rid of the dilemma we have brought you this blog post today so you decide which one is best for your business needs. Magento vs WooCommerce Scalability Over the period of time Magento has flourished out to be the most scalable eCommerce platform. It brings the ease of accessing different features and further supports product types including. simple configurable virtual bundled downloadable and many more.. Also WooCommerce has an unlimited number of products and the default product types comprise: Simple Grouped Virtual Downloadable External/Affiliate and Variable. Security You should know that both Magento and WooCommerce are open source which makes store owners ensure their stores remain PCI compliant. Although Magento is built for eCommerce hence it holds better security compared to WooComerce. Further Magento needs lesser plugins that reduce the number of security hassles. Pricing Since both the platforms are open-source they are free to download the source code. But the long-term cost that comes along with the extension Maintenance hosting and other technical features the cost goes high.

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Magento costs a minimum of 22K/annually which can increase based on annual revenue generated. WooCommerce is less complex and comes at cheaper hosting cost and there is a list of highly efficient yet less expensive plugins that help developers to build the best product. Usability Yeah this is the factor that must be discussed to understand the usability factor for both platforms. When we pick Magento from a development standpoint then it is a more complex platform and requires a steeper learning curve which consumes time to learn. However WooCommerce is a lot more intuitive to navigate and if you have a knack for WordPress then it is fluid to work with. Also it doesn’t require high-end technical knowledge to work with. Features Add-Ons and Extensions Well here Magento wins as it brings a trail of features such as multistore capabilities from one admin panel multi-language options layered navigation and complex configurable products. On the other hand WooCommerce provides plugins and extensions which are more than 50K free plugins built for WordPress sites only. What is the final take WooCommerce or Magento is a hard choice to make because both platforms have their own set of pros and cons. Hence it more depends on your requirements to use the right eCommerce platform for your business. Why should you consider DataPierce Well to start your eCommerce platform and help it reach out to a wider user base is not a cakewalk since there is a huge competition out there. You need to build a scalable and robust presence of your business online and here a website is your best bet. To build a website that helps your users to access your products and catalogs easily the web development tools must be efficient enough to give an impeccable result. This is where the DataPierce team comes into the picture to help you build a successful web solution for your eCommerce business. We at DataPierce- a scalable web development consultant have a team of experts that is well versed with the advanced technical skills and knowledge to offer you out-the-box features of the web building journey. If you still have questions be sure to reach out to us. Source: https://bit.ly/3eJOwOQ