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We always talk about how social media marketing is important but an important aspect of it is, gaining followers on your social media accounts.


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Why is your business not getting enough likes on Social Media We always talk about how social media marketing is important but an important aspect of it is gaining followers on your social media accounts. Social media marketing is the term used for marketing your business and products/services on social media platforms like Facebook Instagram and others. An increase in the number of followers may cause you to gain popularity through word of mouth. These days Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing has caught the world by storm and every business is trying to make their presence felt through these social media. To have a strong audience and a constant stream of followers is difficult because not all posts relate to your customers. And some might even stop following you if they find

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uninteresting posts repeatedly. But sometimes no matter how hard you try you don’t manage to acquire enough likes or followers on your social media posts. This can be attributed to the following reasons. 1. Customers don’t know about your online presence: Some businesses dont think that their social media presence affects their business in any way. And sometimes a flourishing business doesn’t feel the need to be present online as far as the customers are walking in. If you own a brick-and-mortar business you should let your customers know about your digital presence through emails stickers or printable receipts. If you have websites and blogs make sure you put links that take your visitor to your social media handles. 2. You come off as spam: Your social media account may look spammy if you dont post high-quality pictures and videos. Even if you display the same message repeatedly or if your posts focus on making sales beyond an extent it may look like your account is a spam account. You also need to post relevant captions beneath your social media posts. Posting images or videos with no caption and only hashtags can make appear as a spam account. 3. Either you post too much or don’t post at all: A follower may get annoyed if you post too much all at once. And a follower may forget about your digital presence if you don’t post anything at all. You should know that the volume of the content that you post per day or week depends upon the industry that you belong to. If your account is related to news multiple posts in a day are acceptable. But if you are a business then you should post only four or five times a week. To up your growth six to seven posts a week should be targeted. 4. You don’t have any engagement with others: A customer does not like it if he posts a comment or a query if it is not given any reply. To gain the following you have to engage in conversation with the visitors even if they dont have anything to buy from you. This creates a good impression on the visitors mind and chances are that he may turn into a customer because of your courteous online presence. 5. Absence of your personality/voice/branding: The personality of your business represents your brand. If the personality of your business is well developed your branding won’t need much of an endorsement.

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Your business personality should resonate with your targeted audience. You should emphasize your post with consistency in mind. For instance if your brand logo has a green and blue color in it you should upload posts that have similar color combinations. This makes the visitor associate your posts with your business and brand. 6. Visual content is not appealing: Social media functions merely on videos and pictures. High-quality visuals capture more followers. If you have a signature look in your posts it is bound to make a lasting impression and digital presence. This is one of the factors that people would start following you and may even come back for more stuff like it. Good lighting is the key too good visuals. Make sure you have the right amount of lighting. Conclusion: Social media is all about targeting and enlarging your digital footprint while you engage with your visitors and potential customers. Some companies or professionals can give you an insight into how to have a strong social media presence. If you are based in Ahmedabad then there are so many social media marketing companies in Ahmedabad that can help you achieve the same goal. Interaction with visitors and followers may make a good impression and you may gain more followers through word of mouth. In some cases your visitors share the content that you have posted and that may get you more followers. To Know Best Platform for Social Media Strategies Read Article.