HIPAA Compliant Data Destruction

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Welcome to datadestruction.Compliance to HIPAA data destruction standards is essential for hospitals and anyone handling medical records.For more info vist on out website at http://www.datadestruction.com/


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HIPAA Compliant Data Destruction

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About Us Compliance to HIPAA data destruction standards is essential for hospitals and anyone handling medical records. Data wiping, hard drive shredding, and secure erasure procedures allow you to be fully HIPPA-compliant with ease. We can advise you in order to keep you fully HIPAA-compliant, minimizing your costs for hard drive wiping, hard drive crushing, and onsite secure hard drive shredding services.

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DATA DESTRUCTION SERVICES Secure data destruction is a critical part of the IT asset disposition and e-waste recycling process. Completely eradicate data with our custom data destruction solutions that range from mail-in services to onsite hard drive shredding, based on your needs and desired level of data destruction.

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ONSITE HARD DRIVE SHREDDING Secure hard drive shredding at your facility while you watch the most advanced mobile hard drive shredding system in the world is no longer limited to just our military clients. Our custom hard drive shredding trucks can come directly to your location and shred hard drives in the most secure environment.

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MULTI-PASS DATA WIPING In order to completely destroy all sensitive data, Data Destruction Corporation offers a multi-pass data wipe destruction solution that ranges from a three-pass wipe to a seven-pass wipe, and even an 11-pass hard drive wiping solution. Using our proprietary data destruction software called Green Pulse Data Annihilator, Data Destruction Corporation’s permanent destruction of all your data, onsite or off-site .

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Contact Us http://www.datadestruction.com /

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Thank You !!!

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