Forklift and Warehouse Statistics

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Find more about new/used forklift with warehouse solutions to for heavy equipment materials to be stored.


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In 2018, more than 250,000 Forklifts were sold in North America. This number represents an almost 3% increase from 2017, and marks the fourth straight year the industry has seen increases in Forklift sales in North America. ( source: DCVelocity )


As recently as 2018, Boeing’s factory in Everett, WA, is the largest warehouse in the world. The warehouse spans across 4.3 million square feet, making it not only the largest warehouse in the world, but the largest building in the world, too. Think about all the fork lifts and racking equipment they need! (source: The Blog of Logistics at MGEPS at UPV)


Thanks to the continuously growing market for E-Commerce, the average size for a warehouse has more than doubled. The most recent building period (2012 – 2017) was compared to the most recent “development upswing” from 2002 to 2007, and it was found that the average warehouse size increased by over 140%. This means that the average warehouse size is now roughly 184,693 square feet, as of 2017. (source: ApparelMag )


With constant advancements in technology, and the high number of forklift related injuries each year, one tech company is aiming to lend a hand to forklift safety . Arrow Acquisition, a company that manufactures and sells tools to assist with material handling, is developing a tool to alert forklift operators of not only their speed, but whether the machine is carrying too much weight. Thanks to a color coded gauge on this screen attachment, forklift operators will see the gauge in a red zone if the machine is carrying too much weight. (source: FOX4KC)


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