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Business reports are fundamental to identify risks, track work progress and inform the stakeholders about the development of any specific project of an organisation.


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Business Report Writing Outline Writing Steps Key Elements Business reports are fundamental to identify risks track work progress and inform the stakeholders about the development of any specific project of an organisation. Reports give us an opportunity to evaluate the ongoing plans in a business. It is generally written to present certain facts about a situation/ project or process in a detailed manner. It relays the observations to a specific audience in a clear and concise manner. What does the basic framework of a business report include Reports are generally of three basic types: academic technical or business- oriented reports. While there are certain notable differences between them the basic format of any report remains the same. The format makes it easier for the readers to find the necessary solutions they have been looking for. A general report follows this basic structure:  Title  Summary  Introduction  Body

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 Discussion  Conclusion  Recommendation  Appendices However before you begin to draft your report you must take time to plan and investigate the scope of the project. How to get stated with your business report The hardest part of drafting a report is not the writing stage. It is collecting the necessary data analysing the market and making informed decisions about your findings. To make sure that you don’t lose credibility and the data parameters you choose are concise and relevant to the purpose of the report follow these essential steps:  Recognise and define the problem  Analyse the scope of the study  Develop the hypothesis  Determine the audience  Select a methodology of solution  Organise analyse and interpret the assimilated data

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Ask yourself what you plan to accomplish and follow these steps meticulously to draft accurate business report writing:  Determine the objective It will be essential to tailor your report according to the readers needs and expectations. You can ask yourself these essential questions to develop a better understanding of your goals.  Why is this report needed  What is the information that I must include in this report  How will these information benefit me to determine the answers to my problem statement  Consider the audience You must always consider your readers while drafting your reports as reports usually have a far-reaching distribution. Several people might be involved with the decision making process of the business and need to go through the information included in your report. You will have three types of audience for your report: Immediate the people who will be responsible for evaluating the report Primary People who will act or make decisions on the basis of the report

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Secondary The people who will be affected by the primary audience’s response to the report  Gather relevant information Once you have a clear understanding of the purpose and scope of your report and the audience of the same you must gear up to gather your information. It will entail rigorous research work that involves questionnaires surveys experiments historical information observation and raw data. Make sure the information you include in the report is accurate and gathered from first-hand knowledge or credible sources.  Proofread and edit meticulously Finally proofread and edit your report thoroughly. Grammatical flaws inaccurate data and inconsistent flow of argument will decrease the worth of your report and raise pertinent questions on its credibility. Despite your hard work it will give the readers an impression that you didn’t put enough effort in preparing the report. Once you finish read the report slowly once to make sure it is well organised and easy to follow. The framework/ outline will keep your writing on track and ensure you present your information in a clear and concise way.

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