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Three Legs are Better than Four:

Three Legs are Better than Four Joseph Caluza Aerospace Engineering Daniel Kaminski Mechanical Engineering Tyler Stears Environmental Engineering


ℜSDRS ℜ Χ Tyler Stears

But First…:

But First… …DEPLOY!!!!!! Tyler Stears

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tyler Stears

Project Objective:

Project Objective Simplicity : As a team of three, we did not want a risky design. Reproducibility : Controlling the robot is kept simple with just two degrees of freedom. Exceptional Fabrication : Implementation of Design for Manufacture methods Tyler Stears

Lock and Load:

Lock and Load The shim stock component acts as a high-powered spring to deploy the robot arm. The small rubber band aids in auxiliary deployment of the arm and deploys the reaping fork. Tyler Stears Compressed Shim stock Stretched small rubber band Small rubber band puts fork under tension

On Your Mark’s, Get Set…:

On Your Mark’s, Get Set… Daniel Kaminski


….RELEASE!! Fork slips out from friction drive shaft when the wheel make a small rotation Small rubber band aids the shim stock pin to lock in place Decompressing Shim stock Fork rotates out of position Fork held in place by rubber band Shim locks into rear arm notch Daniel Kaminski

Reaper’s Deployment:

Reaper’s Deployment The shim reverts to its original straight position to release the Reaper. Sliding Screw locks into notch in the slide Arm Locks into place with linear slider with help of rubber band Shim fixed on upper portion of arm Notch locks the arm in place Rubber band tension holds pin in notch Rubber band keeps fork forward Daniel Kaminski


Parts of the Design Process: Design for Manufacturability Slots Universal width to interchange forks Clearance Holes Rotating Wheel Fore arm Daniel Kaminski

Fork Evolution:

Fork Evolution Daniel Kaminski

Friction Driven:

Friction Driven Joseph Caluza

You’ll Get a Kick Out of This:

You’ll Get a Kick Out of This How to get the tree monkeys? Get Lifted!! Kick slips out and reaper claims ground monkeys Get Un-lifted!! Joseph Caluza

Wheel Torque Analysis :

Wheel Torque Analysis T friction = A*( umg /A)*r = umg *r T friction = (0.8)(0.186 kg)(9.81m/s^2)(0.0813m) = 0.119 N*m T friction needed = F.S. * T friction = 1.5 * 0.119 N*m = 0.179 N*m Actual Torque Generated = (.75N)*(.235m) = 0.176 N*m Motor FBD Friction Normal FBD Wheel FBD Mass of robot arm with max load of three monkeys (m) = 0.186 kg Radius of Circle Piece (r) = 3.2 in = 0.0813 m Coefficient of friction of acrylic on acrylic (u) = 0.8 Factor of Safety = 1.5 Note: Lubricant reduces coefficient friction value Joseph Caluza

ℜSDRSℜ Χ in Action:

ℜSDRSℜ Χ in Action Scores 60 points max!! Reaping occurs in 20-30 seconds Joseph Caluza

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