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The Empower Network provides a blogging platform that is ranked high in the Google search engines, which can increase the amount of traffic to your business once you have learned how to blog effectively. This blogging platform alone, is worth it's weight in gold because you alone, may not otherwise know how to drive traffic and/or may not have even come to understand how important this is for the survival and continued growth of your business. There are all kinds of quality information provided in order to get you started and to also make you better at blogging if you are already a blogger.

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Empower Network, as part of the training regarding content, strongly suggests that you blog daily. This is an ingenious idea. I have been in business for a long time and I have never heard anyone make this suggestion, at least in such a direct manner. The point of blogging daily is that over time, the search engines will ultimately recognize you and your business because you remain consistent in blogging and providing meaningful, relevant and valuable information, dependent on whatever you bring to the table. This idea however, still seems to be a hard concept for some to grab, for what appears to be a lack of understanding about the world-wide web and how it actually works. Therefore, if you are trying to speak with someone about the initial product (the blogging platform), you may meet resistance from the door because people believe they have nothing to blog about.

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Blogging content, and the lack thereof, couldn't be further from the reality,as people are usually speaking to other people about the very things that could be turned into a blog, and therefore utilized to drive traffic, and therefore bring further recognition to your brand. Also, because it is highly suggested, for your benefit I might add, that you blog daily, this meets resistance because people are looking for a quick fix, or the quickest way to have recognition. Although I'm not opposed to the idea of anything being quick, I understand wholeheartedly the premise behind blogging daily. It has been my experience that over time you are actually becoming your own personal brand, along with building the interest and trust of those who are following your consistent information. In the end, Empower Network is worth looking into in order to gain a mindset of quality and consistency.

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