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In this PPT, we have discussed about the brief introduction of web designing and its tips which will provide the help how to become a good web designer.


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How to Become a Web Designer:

How to Become a Web Designer


Introduction The web designing is most popular and profession these days. The web designs are includes such as: interface design, graphical design including the standardized codes and software.

Steps for How to Become a Web Designer:

Steps for How to Become a Web Designer Learn form other greater web designers and programmers Get the right tools Learn the new skills Create the dynamic website Improve the user experience

Learn form other greater web designers :

Learn form other greater web designers Take a look at other web designed websites and not how a menu or context are is laid out and use that the knowledge in your websites.

Get the Right Tools :

Get the Right Tools In this steps, the starting by getting a good vector graphical editors like: adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator. Making the images using the vector graphics is the simple and easiest way to make the graphical design, so spending the some money on something like illustrator will be a great help.

Learn the new skills :

Learn the new skills In this steps, uses the various new skills for web designing such as: Html CSS Java script J query PHP SQL Bootstrap

Create the dynamic website :

Create the dynamic website In this steps they are uses the different types of platforms like: PHP and My SQL. Theses technology will enables you to create a website that does not require to make individual HTML page but allow you to use template to display the multiple page with in the same page.

Improve the user experience :

Improve the user experience Create a website that uses the Ajax so you can utilize the server side power of PHP without having refresh the page and creating the attractive web application.

Layout of Web Designing:

Layout of Web Designing There are two types of layout are uses in web designing such as: Fixed layout Elastic Layout Fluid layout

Fixed layout :

Fixed layout Easy to read and style Better control looks and content This types of layout is depend upon the table width. Easy to create and customize

Elastic Layout :

Elastic Layout Easy to friendly and designing Easy to create and customize Required the additional style sheet Font related unit designing

Fluid layout:

Fluid layout Present age based width specification for web elements. Setting up the multiple width to videos, content images and different screen resolution for designing. Improve the visibility for horizontal scroll rule.

Who I Am..:

Who I Am.. Danielle Healy Web Designer is a graphical designer who provide the help in various services such as: web designing, Photoshop and illustrator.

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