Deconstructions of CD adverts from magazines

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Deconstructions of CD adverts from magazines. :

Deconstructions of CD adverts from magazines.

Florence + the Machine – Lungs :

Florence + the Machine – Lungs Name of the artist written in a bold font at the top of the advert which is easy to see and will catch the readers eye The picture of the artist is the same as the album cover so audiences will know what it looks like in stores. The artist looks away from the camera and she is standing out from the flowery background that she has been set against drawing in an audience. The name of the album is placed underneath the album cover in a bold white font so this will catch the eye of the reader and make them want to look The date and information of singles on the album and versions of the album available to purchase are all set below the image. They are set against a black background in a white font so they stand out to the reader and also keeps with the conventions of the rest of the writing on the advert. The writing is smaller so less likely to catch the eye The artists website is written at the bottom of the page in white. It is very small but allows fans to access more information of the artist and the album.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die :

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die Name of the artist in bold big letters above the album picture so audience know straight away who the artist is and it intrigues them more Picture of the artist is central on the advert and she is facing straight forward so she is capturing the readers eye. She stands out from her blue sky background as she is dressed in white Date of the album and well known singles on the album appear at the bottom of the advert overlapping the picture. They are in the same font as the artist name but are in a blue colour against a white background so again they stand out for the reader to see. A quote from a newspaper article is shown at the bottom of the advert. It will draw in an audience because it makes them think that it has good reviews and will be a good purchase

White Lies – Ritual :

White Lies – Ritual Name of band and album title written clearly in a white font on the top of the advert so the reader can see it Album cover image in the corner of the advert. It is a striking image so it will draw in an audience. Date of when the album comes out written clearly in a white font so gives the appropriate information that the reader would need. Reviews and ratings from magazines are clearly shown so the reader will be more intrigued to listen and buy the album Logo of well known music store HMV shown so audience know where the album is sold. The bands website is also shown at the bottom so the reader can learn more about the record and the band.