Hair, Makeup and Clothes

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Hair, Makeup and Clothes:

Hair, Makeup and Clothes Inspiration for my music video

Hair inspiration:

Hair inspiration These picture have inspired my music video as I have used rollers in my artists hair as it follows conventions of the housewife theme that I have used in my video. I also had another 50’s style do for my video so it keeps with the codes and conventions I'm using.

Make – Up inspiration :

Make – Up inspiration For the make-up in my music video I have gone for a simplistic heavy black top eyeliner and red rouge lips. I feel this is an effective look and very bold, it also still conforms to my theme of 50’s/60’s

Clothes inspiration :

Clothes inspiration I have been inspired by B eyonces housewife look and L ana D el R eys big bold dress in my choice of outfits for my music video. I feel this is a strong look and will draw in an audience.