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WordPress is an open source platform.


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How To Start WordPress Blog:

How To Start WordPress Blog

1. Setup:

1. Setup First, You need a Domain Name and Web Hosting . A Domain Name is URL Address of Your Website. Web Hosting is where your Website live.

2. Install WordPress:

2. Install WordPress In the cPanel , you will see many of small icons for different services and features. Click on the WordPress icon .

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Go on the next screen, Select Domain Name . Choose Domain Name form drop down list and and click next.

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After that, you need to enter your Site Name, Username and a Password For your Site. Then check all Check boxes and then click install.

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Once WordPress is Finished installing, you will see the success notice in the top header bar.

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Congratulations, You have created your WordPress Site. Your WordPress Login URL look like this: - . - Click on the WordPress login link to login to your dashboard.Now we’re ready to customize your site’s appearance and start blogging. Click the Installation Complete link, it will take you to the screen with your WordPress Login URL and Password .

3. Selecting Your WordPress Theme:

3. Selecting Your WordPress Theme When you first visit your blog, it will look like this..

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You can change your theme by going to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Appearance » Themes . Once installed your theme, you can customize it by clicking on the Customize link under the Appearance menu .

4. Creating Your First Blog Post:

4. Creating Your First Blog Post Click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard.

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Once you’re done writing, go ahead and click on the Publish button.

5. Plugins & Customizations:

5. Plugins & Customizations Once you have written your first blog post, you probably want to get started with adding other Features on your website such as a contact form, about page, and more. Customize WordPress and add features like contact forms, galleries, sliders, etc, to using WordPress plugins . WordPress Plugins are apps that allowed you to add additional functionality Features to your Website. There are over 46,000 Plugins available in WordPress .

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