SUSHI ROLLS- Tips for making sushi rolls

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SUSHI ROLLS Tips for making sushi rolls


WHAT IS SUSHI? Sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine which is prepared with vinegared rice with sea fish and vegetables.

Sushi: Ingredients:

Sushi: Ingredients Sushi rice Rice Vinegar Kombu Sake Wasabi Sushi grade fish Nori Sushi ginger Green tea Sushi vegetables

Different types of sushi rolls:

Different types of sushi rolls Tiger sushi roll Philly sushi roll Crunch sushi roll Dynamite sushi roll Rainbow sushi roll Dragon sushi roll California sushi roll


SUSHI ROLLS Making tips

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It is advised to use long and sharp knife for preparing sushi dishes A bowl of water and a dry towel should kept aside while preparing sushi dishes Try to buy fresh and raw fish which is the base ingredient of sushi dishes

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If things are falling apart while cutting sushi rolls, make use of saran tapes which can hold the rolls together Loss of moisture can affect the dish, so once you take nori out of the pack make sure to roll as soon as possible You can do experiment on sushi dishes by trying different flavors of sauces


THANK YOU…!!! If you are interested in making sushi dishes and want to try to make sushi rolls, it is best to enroll in sushi cooking classes. To know further, visit: