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Daniel Behan McQuaid is an experienced public school educator, having spent the last 25 years teaching American and World History to both seventh and eighth graders at the same institution.


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Daniel Behan McQuaid - Professional Teacher Daniel Behan McQuaid is a leading public school educator within a local district. McQuaid, who has been a member of the same faculty for the last 25 years, has developed an effective method for truly engaging students’ interest in the subject matter, and has continually demonstrated unwavering commitment to helping students reach their full potential. Daniel Behan maintains the same tireless dedication to teaching that he’s had from day one.


Daniel Behan McQuaid - Racquetball Player Daniel Behan McQuaid spends much of his time preparing lesson plans, grading papers and providing classroom instruction at a local junior high school, helping to shape young minds and working to create the critical thinkers that will someday become promising young leaders. When he isn’t busy imparting the lessons of American and world history to his students. McQuaid enjoys competing in local racquetball tournaments.


Daniel Behan McQuaid - Family Man Professional educator Daniel Behan McQuaid enjoys the opportunity to share the events and lessons of history with his students, providing the instruction they need to better understand how the world was shaped into what it is today, as well as where it may be headed well into the future. McQuaid also enjoys every moment he has with his lovely wife and two adorable children.


Daniel Behan McQuaid - Pet Owner Daniel Behan McQuaid has always been fond of animals, ever since he fell in love with his first beagle puppy at the young age of five. To this day, McQuaid enjoys the companionship, loyalty and laughter a household pet can provide a family. His family friend, a lovable Labrador named Duke McScruffles, provides both he and his family countless hours of love, laughs and entertainment.



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