Daniel Goldstone - Young Frankenstein

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“Deep in the shadows, lightening sparks and legends come to life as Hingham Civic Music Theatre takes a ghoulish, zany, and mischievously funny turn with its debut of the Mel Brooks musical, ‘Young Frankenstein,’” began a review of the production. “With a gleam in his eye and a thick head of hair, [Daniel] Goldstone, in the title role of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, captures the spirit of Gene Wilder’s beloved character while navigating from intellectual, deadpan deliveries to unhinged hysteria. Dan slips right into this offbeat role through his sharp comedic timing and capable vocal range, especially during the numbers ‘The Brain,’ ‘Man About Town,’ and ‘Together Again,’ all depicted with snappy choreography by Janet Fortier.”


Head to www.danielgoldstone.com if you’d like to keep reading about Daniel Goldstone’s career in musical theater.