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Sticking to the old battery is not a right choice. Replace your battery with the brand new one and get freedom from charging your old Camera battery again and again. This battery will add power to your camera whenever you visit a remote location. Battery is manufactured for specific model and cannot be used for other camera model. Compatibility of your camera with the battery is necessary.


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Batteries Batteries are a BIG deal… as nearly everything runs on them. Why is it that devices that run on batteries ALWAYS die when you need them the most? How many of you have had a cell phone call dropped because your battery died? How boring can a lesson get, right? WRONG!

Keeping Your Device Going:

Keeping Your Device Going A little humor… even this young kid understands the importance of keeping the camera running...with an external battery.


Usages Entertainment Microphones Headphones Remotes (TV, Toys) Work Cell Phones Cordless power tools ( drills , sanders, leaf blowers) Other Hybrid Cars Battery Back Up Systems – Computers, Hospitals, etc. What other devices can you think of that use batteries?

Replacing an INTERNAL B&D tool battery.:

Replacing an INTERNAL B&D tool battery.

Why so many types?:

Why so many types? Main types of batteries: General Purpose "Heavy Duty" is a big misnomer; these are really "puny duty". General Purpose are very susceptible to leaking. Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Used in UPS (battery backups for computers and TVs…the only true source of surge protection Alkaline one time use Mercury used in watches NiCd original rechargeable, had a memory effect if you charged while the battery was not completely drained. NiMh longer lasting, NO significant memory effect. LiON and LiON Polymer Found in most current cell phones and laptop because they do not mind being "topped off" (charged daily)...i.e. NO significant memory effect. But you should still allow the battery to show some signs of discharge BEFORE recharging for maximum life of the battery. But it is not necessary to deplete the fact, LiONs do NOT like to be deeply discharged. Lithium Newest latest greatest. Longer run time with less weight ...great for cordless mice and other compact devices.

Battery Life:

Battery Life

Disadvantages of Rechargeables:

Disadvantages of Rechargeables Do not like to be completely discharge (esp. LiON) Cost more initially…usually need two sets to cycle the batteries. Tip: Carry a set of Lithium's as a backup to your rechargeable. Takes time to recharge They die suddenly…most batteries that do not have smart chips inside of them and so do not REALLY know how much is remaining. 1-2% self discharge PER day…especially NiMh Require a great deal of “management” Require electricity and a charger to recharge Very little compatibility between chargers and types of battery. They can blow up…cause is a battery that blew up at my house...and very fortunately did not cause a fire...


Advantages MUCH less expensive over time Provide longer run time at a higher power rating in most cases - Cons seem to outweigh the Pros, huh? There is good news…at the end…at least with AA and AAA

Battery Ratings:

Battery Ratings Rechargeable batteries are rated by how much power they will deliver over a period of time, called…Amperes per Hours. Except most consumer batteries you are familiar with are rated in milliamps per hour, mAh. The HIGHER the mAh, the better...but not all batteries are created equal. Two batteries of the same rating (even of the same brand) may perform completely different. Many devices need a certain voltage to power up the device. And, the more power they start with, the quicker they loose the power.


Charger Differences The top two are pretty basic, delivering the SAME amount of current (i.e.. charge) to all four batteries. The charger on the bottom is a SMART charger (it has a computer chip) …and is a much better charger because EACH battery gets it own specific, dedicated charge that is JUST right for the internal resistance of the batter, whether it be between brands or with in the same brand.

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