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Danelo Power:

Danelo Power Tips and Myths Smartphone Battery life


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History The first battery was created by Alessandro Volta in 1798 . The first R echargeable battery was invented in 1859- The Lead Acid Cell. In 1802 William Cruickshank from the UK invented the first electric battery capable of mass production.


Facts The lead acid cell paved the way to the creation of the NiMH, NiCd batteries and lithium ion batteries. Americans purchase nearly 3 billion batteries every year. You can make a battery out of potatoes, it’s not strong enough to power a LED flashlight though.

Hybrid Car Batteries-The Future:

Hybrid Car Batteries-The Future Hybrid Car Batteries are environmental friendly and cause less pollution. Offer High fuel economy in the city(above 40mpg). They are quieter, durable and easy to maintain.

Tips on Battery Life:

Tips on Battery Life Auto-brightness can save Smartphone battery . Easiest way to cut down battery drain is to reduce your screen brightness . Iphone and android devices consume upto 60% less battery at minimum brightness.

Block power sucking ads:

Block power sucking ads S martphone burns through power when it downloads mobile ads. Safari on an iPhone 6s used 18 % of a full battery; Chrome on a Moto X Pure Android phone used 22 %.   Installing the  ad blocker on the iPhone reduced battery usage for the same test to only 9 % of a full battery.

Change your email settings:

Change your email settings Email can have a major impact on battery life if you have multiple email accounts. Do not use “push”, which brings new messages to your phone the instant they are transmitted . To save energy, most phones can be configured to manual fetch to refresh email app.

Play Downloaded Music:

Play Downloaded Music Online streaming nowadays very popular, guzzles a lot of battery. 5% battery is saved while playing downloaded music for 2 hours. Spotify and Apple Music still let you store direct on device.

Turn OFF wifi at poor signal sites:

Turn OFF wifi at poor signal sites Phone’s battery drains much more quickly at low signal strength sites. That’s because the phone uses energy searching for a good signal. Airplane Mode, an option that will turn off all wireless features, is a quick and easy solution in areas with poor reception.

Check the battery usage lists:

Check the battery usage lists Open the Settings app and in the Battery menu, there are sorted lists of apps that are using the most energy. Be on the lookout for apps that are active for extended periods in the background and are using a lot of battery power. If you find apps using up lots of energy in the background, disable their background activities.

 Disable unnecessary location tracking:

  Disable unnecessary location tracking Phone’s GPS circuitry, which determines your geographic location, consumes a lot of battery power . Fitness apps track your location and GPS continuously and consume a lot of battery. You can disable location features for it.

Shut off push notifications:

Shut off push notifications Both Apple and Google recommend disabling push notifications. E ach notification causes your phone to wake up for a few seconds, a s it communicates with notification server. If a particular app or service is constantly produces notifications, disable notifications for that app.


Myths Closing all open apps. Once an app is no longer in the foreground, most or all of its processes are frozen . The next time you open the app, the phone has to reload all of the erased code.

 Turning off Wi-Fi does not always help:

  Turning off Wi-Fi does not always help If you’re in range of a strong Wi-Fi signal, your phone uses less energy to connect to the Internet with a Wi-Fi connection. Having Wi-Fi enabled helps your phone determine its location. But in most cases, you’re usually better off keeping Wi-Fi enabled.

 Disabling all location services:

  Disabling all location services D on’t disable all of your phone’s location-based features just to extend your battery life . You won’t see a big jump in use time, but you may end up disabling useful features.  Instead, keep a track of your apps that use location services.

 Don’t choose Wi-Fi over cellular:

  Don’t choose Wi-Fi over cellular As long as you have a good signal, you probably won’t see a huge difference between Wi-Fi and cellular data. It’s probably not worth the hassle of switching between the two, as the difference is not of leaps and bounds, instead its just 1-2 %

Let Siri and Google listen commands:

Let Siri and Google listen commands Phones include a hands-free feature for summoning their virtual assistants by speaking voice commands . Disabling it won’t conserve much battery life . N egligible difference in battery usage between having the always-on virtual assistant enabled or disabled.

Use Products from reputed vendors:

Use Products from reputed vendors Many Chargers, adapters and power Supply are poorly made, or use low-quality components . Poorly made charger can not only damage your phone, but could also hurt you by exposing you to dangerous currents . Stick with a reputable vendor, while replacement.

Disadvantages of using fake :

Disadvantages of using fake Cheap fake batteries can explode and cause serious injuries. Injuries can be serious 3 rd degree burns, and can also cause death. Fake batteries can also cause malfunctioning of phone, over-heating of the device and can damage other parts of the phone. So buying genuine Smartphone and Laptop batteries from us is the best option for you.

Calibrate Occasionally:

Calibrate Occasionally Always keeping the Power Cable plugged in for fully charging is OK. Fully charge and then discharge the battery once a month. This is done to make the phone and laptop meter accurate.

Why choose us?:

Why choose us? We are Trusted UK Seller, supplying genuine OEM products , with 60 days return policy. Our products are 100% compatible and come with One year or lifetime warranty. We only deliver value for money quality products, with the best possible service.

Who we are:

Who we are Danelo Power (Established in 2003) is a leading supplier of Batteries, Power Adapters and Chargers within Europe and the rest of the world . We have built strong relationships with battery and accessory manufacturers.  We supply customers across Europe including distributors, computer dealers as well as product owners themselves.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Address Danelo Power Ltd 497 Rice Lane Liverpool Merseyside UK L9 8AP Telephone 0151 523 4250 (9.00 am - 5.00pm) International: +44 (0) 151 523 4250 Email [email protected] https :// / https :// https:// / /

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