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Laced-Up Co-Managers Industry 5: Team G David Black Dana Gips Dora Pena

Strategic Vision:

Strategic Vision At Laced Up, we believe our passion for our global workforce and surrounding communities allows us to provide our customers with a unique, innovative athletic shoe that will drive your passion for performance. We strive to become a global leader in the athletic shoe industry by providing our customers with a variety of shoe options containing superior quality at an honest, affordable price.

Competitive Strategy: Branded Footwear:

Competitive Strategy: Branded Footwear High quality footwear Price was always a little above industry average in both internet and wholesale SQ rating was steady Continuous changing strategy until Year 15 where we focused on a global differentiation strategy

Competitive Strategy: Private Label:

Competitive Strategy: Private Label Competitive low cost bids Minimum SQ rating Participated heavily in years 10-14, then discontinued in years 16 & 17

Annual Total Revenues:

Annual Total Revenues

Earnings Per Share (EPS):

Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Global Market Share:

Global Market Share

Stock Price:

Stock Price

Strategic Planning Exercise:

Strategic Planning Exercise Goals: Achieve investor expectations Exceed previous years’ performance for each target by 5% annually Expand market share in each geographic region Avoid similar actions of competitors Results: Achieved stock price and credit rating targets Close to reaching EPS and ROE targets Decreased image rating 4 th place in BSG game

Competitor Analysis:

Competitor Analysis Company A Strengths : High availability of models Free shipping High retail outlet utilization CSR rewards Weaknesses: Low S/Q rating- 5 stars Low celebrity appeal Company G Strengths: High S/Q rating- 7 stars High model availability Free shipping Weaknesses: Retail price Low celebrity appeal Low retail outlet utilization

Lessons Learned:

Lessons Learned Choose an original strategy and monitor actions and performance to avoid straying from strategy and creating major changes Repay loans early and repurchase stock whenever possible Move plants to low exchange rate areas such as Latin America, quickly Always incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility efforts A nticipate competitor’s response to company’s actions Participate in private label to avoid stock outs and surpluses in inventory Pay attention to the cost of rejects and avoid high production expenses Monitor production needed to meet demand and capacity availability Anticipate demand and market changes

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