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Learning Agency Network announces a new e-course about understanding quality for those wishing to know more about Quality in Courseware and e-learning generally, with the intention of understanding what quality might be in Online Distance Learning and Knowledge Banks. - presentation prepared by Peter Condon


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Understanding Quality “A guided learning path for the understanding of quality in Online Distance Learning which is followed and reinforced by the social interaction that accompanies discoveries as a basis for further investigation into the subject”

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Socially based: this is a complex course and allows for learners with any level of knowledge to get involved.  

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What do you know about Quality Assurance and Quality Management in Online Distance Learning? I don’t know anything! I know a little – enough to get by   What is Quality Definition etc. Discussion essays, Learning path, external links Test own understanding on forum using peer group, plus knowledgeable others Got it ! Further explanations from peers and knowledgeable others Didn’t get it Return to learning path I have some experience of working with Quality in Online Distance Learning I have lots of experience of working with Quality in Online Distance Learning   At each stage the idea is to encourage those who understand quality to help and support those who are newer to the subject  Rest of course

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The discussions are an important part of the courses “It's good to know that teachers get AHA! m oments too!”   Deepening knowledge Testing opinion Clarify Understanding Create friendships Make the course less intensive Learning not dictation Not sage on the stage Guide on the side “ I am going to be provocative - I think everything should be included as courseware…” “In some cases the courseware will be stand-alone but in many cases courseware is used to expand knowledge or thinking for the learner and here there would need to be support outside the courseware, to give it meaning or to encourage further understanding.   ” “  I would like to kick off the discussion on this courseware with some thoughts on educational games, also known as serious gaming, (– Hmm can’t come to terms with this; as soon as fun becomes serious it is no longer fun ).” Encourage Enjoy Comment Reorganise “ The trouble is that few seem to be taking the idea of quality standards seriously” “ Does it help to implement an ISO 9001:2000-compliant quality management system ?” “ Quality Improvement can be distinguished from Quality Control in that Quality Improvement is the purposeful change of a process to improve the reliability of achieving an outcome .” “ Quality is defined as fitness for purpose” “Quality in engineering and manufacturing has a pragmatic interpretation as the non-inferiority or superiority of something…” D iscovery

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Come and join us on the 20 th October! For the first course run Understanding Quality Join Now! And earn your first epprobate badge!

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