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The Impossible L.E.2.D Eva Daniella Leandra and Daylon Daly Elementary The Impossible

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Table of Contents ● Theme Picture…slide 1 ● Target Audience……..slide 3 ● Observable Motion….slide 4 ● Which Energy Source….slide 5 ● Rationale for Efficient Energy Source Chosen…...slide 6 ● Motion Patterns……..slide 7 ● Cost……...slide 8 ● Illustration of Car ……..slide 9 ● Illustration of Roller Coaster…….slide 10 ● Sources………slide 11

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Target audience: Our roller coaster is for kids 4 foot 5 inches and taller age 8 and older. Target audience:

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Observable Motion ● Periodic: Our roller coaster will have periodic energy on the loop de loop. ● Variable : Our Roller coaster will have variable energy throughout the whole ride. ● Uniform: Our roller coaster will not have uniform energy at all. ● Kinetic: Our roller coaster will have kinetic energy going after going down the first hill. ● Potential: Our roller coaster will have potential energy going up the first hill

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Which Energy Source We are using solar energy to power our roller coaster because it is a good resource a renewable energy and it works whenever the sun is out.

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Rationale for Efficient Energy Chosen We chose solar energy not only because it is clean but since the sun will last forever maybe our roller coaster withe oldest roller coasters.

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Motion patterns Gravity: Gravity turns potential energy into kinetic energy. Friction: Friction opposes motion and significantly slows the roller coaster down.

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● Metal for tracks ● Foundations ● Track sections ● Main support structures ● Track support Cost

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Illustration of roller coaster Illustration of roller coaster

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Sources: ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

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