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fountain pens :

fountain pens By:Sameer

A fountain pen:

A fountain pen A fountain pen is a nib pen that, contains an internal reservoir of water based liquid ink..

Petrache Poenaru:

Petrache Poenaru Petrache Poenaru was the first person in the world to invent the first fountain pen. He was born in January,10 1799,died october,2 1875.


History This pen was made by Ma'ad al- Mu'izz , the caliph of the Maghreb,he demanded a pen that would not stain his hand or cloths, and which could be held upside down without leaking.


I nformation The first fountain pens, making use of all these key ingredients appeared in the 1850s. In Europe Petikan and was started in 1838, first introduced their pens in 1929. Today, nibs are usually made of stainless steel or gold .


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