Energy Conservation Policies Of Different Countries


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Energy Conservation Policies Of Different Countries:

Energy Conservation Policies Of Different Countries Group Number-1

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Why conserve Energy? Save Energy Resources Avoids Pollution Enhances The Quality Of Life

We Need A Saviour:

We Need A Saviour All hail Government!!!

Role Of Government In Energy Conservation:

Role Of Government In Energy Conservation Government agencies alone possess the broad perspectives required to develop sound public policies Government has well-established roles and responsibilities regarding mineral and energy resources research Government supports energy and mineral resource research and development as a public benefit; industry funds research associated with its business interests; and scientific funding agencies 

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Major Source is Non-Renewable Resources

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Majority of Consumption is From Non-Renewable

Policies Adopted:

Policies Adopted Strategy to encourage development of renewable sources of energy using incentives Incentive include use of Nuclear Power, promotion of wind farm, solar power plant and biogas fuel.


Bio-Fuels 6,00,000km 2 land available for bio-gas production

Wind Farm:

Wind Farm 1. Tamil Nadu (4906.74 MW)  2. Maharashtra (2077.70 MW ) 3. Gujarat (1863.64 MW) 4. Karnataka (1472.75 MW) 5. Rajasthan (1088.37 MW)

Solar Power Plant:

Solar Power Plant India is planning to install the World's largest Solar Power Plant with 4,000 MW Capacity near   Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan . Gujarat has been a leader in solar power generation and contributes 2/3rd of the 900 MW of  photovoltaic's  in the country.

Policies Adopted:

Policies Adopted The Swedish Energy Agency has decided to allocate a total of 70 million SEK in the years 2010–2013 to projects aimed at improving energy efficiency in transport. Since 2008 all county administrative boards in Sweden have been commissioned by the government to cooperate with other regional and local actors in order to produce regional strategies for climate and energy policies

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Project which will consist of around 400 wind turbines in seven  wind farms  in  Jämtland  and  Västernorrland counties . 

Solar Power Plant:

Solar Power Plant   Since 2005 Solar power Plant has begun to grow with the aid of government funding. Total installed capacity in 2011 was approximately 14 MW. During 2013–2016 , the Swedish Energy Agency will invest SEK 123 million in research into solar cells, thermal solar power and solar fuels with a view to boosting the use of solar energy in the Swedish energy system.

Hydro Power Plant:

Hydro Power Plant Today, there's 46 stations at 100 MW and over, 18 at 200 MW and over, 6 at 400 MW and over and 2 over 500 MW . And over thousand fully functional and working hydroelectric power plant in Sweden

Who Wins???:

Who Wins??? You Decide!!!!!

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It doesn't matter which policy is best, it matter what that policy did for the environment in a global perspective

As far as we are concerned, everyone’s a winner….We have only one Earth:

As far as we are concerned, everyone’s a winner….We have only one Earth Save the Environment, Be a Superhero

Thank You:

Thank You

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