How to promote music online today as an Artist or Rapper

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Presentation Description How music artists can promote their music online today. The guide to promote your music today as an artist or rapper today. By Michael Jiglund, Producer and CEO of Mik3 J Beats. Back in the days you would need to be signed to a major label to get anywhere with your music. That is not required today. Thanks to cheap release and recording costs you can lauch your own independentcareer today. Marketing is also more accessible today thanks to internet and you can reach huge amont of people with the right marketing plan. A marketing plan is essential to know which direction you should take. This guide show you how you can promote your music and reach more fans.


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Plan your Marketng. First you should have your goals set up. You should identfy who is your typical customer and habits personalites and what interests does your fan like. What age gender is he or she and where does your fan spend most tme. Some ways you can fnd out your fan base is to look at a similar artst than yourself and see what their fans are like. You can also make a survey about your own fanbase and fnd out more about them by contactng them and ask about them. Once you have found out about who your typical fan is you should fnd out where they are looking for music. These data can easily be found by digging around and use tools like Google Facebook analytcs and Twiter analytcs for example. Back in the days you would need to be signed to a major label to get anywhere with your music. That is not required today. Thanks to cheap release and recording costs you can lauch your own independent career today. Marketng is also more accessible today thanks to internet and you can reach huge amont of people with the right marketng plan. A marketng plan is essental to know which directon you should take. How Artsts can promote their music online today. By Michael Jiglund Producer and CEO of Mik3 J Beats. For more Tutorials about music promoton and 3 Free Beats Click below: htps:// Page 1 of 4

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Using Social Media. By using popular social media platorms you will fnd new potental fans. That is why it is good to fnd out about which social media channels your fans mostly hang out in and fnd out how to use each platorms more efcient. Every social media channels works diferent. The biggest social media channels to use for artsts today are: Facebook Twiter Instagram Youtube and for music also Soundcloud and Reverbnaton. You should learn how to use each of these channels. Once you have found out how it works you should engage with new fans. To give you some examples how you can engage the fanbase you can for example give advice asking questons about them ofer free giveaways or partcipate on a current topic that is discussed. By talking Page 2 of 4 Get your own website. To get an efectve and professional way of promotng yourself you should get your own website. By having a website you can easily show of new events going on or how you pro- gress in your career. The main advantage of website as opposed to only social media channel is that you can control what content can be seen and customise your experience to your fans beter. It also gives a more profesional impact to tastemakers media or other music industry professionals. Your main goal should be to get your fans to visit your website ofen so you can sell more mu- sic and tckets. To get more trafc to your website you can have a blog on your site where you post content that engages new fans for example how you get inspiraton for a song the creatve process of writng a song or helpful advice.

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Page 3 of 4 HTTPS://WWW.YOUROWNARTISTWEBSITE.COM You can easy get a website done frst by getng a domain from Hostgator or Godaddy then create a website in a website builder called Wix with ready to use templates. Another way is to use Wordpress and get a ready to use theme from diferent thememakers. You can then customize the page for yourself. I have to admit i am not good at creatng website but there is nothing wrong with seeking help to get a website done. For example you can use a service like fver or up work to get it done cheaply. Just have an idea frst about what you want to include in your website. The most important pages are a biography with a presentaton about yourself a page for your music a blog contact info and maybe informaton about upcoming shows or previous videos from shows. A tp for you is to have a signup form where you ofer something for free in exchange for an email adress so you keep contact with your fans and give them news and ofers. Your image and branding. A professional website is only a part of your image and there are many more parts to get the image of yourself right. First come up with a good artst name that represents your own style and then get yourself a nice looking logo for that name. You can use a service like fver to have someone create a logo for you. You want to make sure that everything you post and every visual aspect of your posts music social media channels follows the image and logo you have choosen. I suggest you write a good biography about yourself and your story take profesional pictures of yourself and cre- ate nice looking artwork and videos for your music.

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Page 4 of 4 Reach out to other tastemakers and music channels. To promote yourself more efecient it is prefered that you contact other people in the music industry or other established channels that already have a big fanbase and lot of visitors. To give you some examples music blogs music websites for your musicgenre youtube channels spotfy playlists or a radiostaton. The advantage of this approach is they can give you good exposure. You should focus on buil- ding relatons with this people that have this audience that they can share your music to. Again there are a lot of things that can help if you approach the tastemakers the right way. Whatever you do don´t spam them with your music right away instead help them out frst and get a good rapport with them Also make sure you have your professional artwork bio social media and links to your music ready for them to include in their next feature premiere or how you want them to showcase your music. It also depends on who you are contactng and their guidelines for submitng. That is my guide how you can promote your music online today. If you have any questons contact me at: For Free Tutorials how to record mix and promote your music and to Get 3 Free Hip hop Beats Click the link below: htps://