April Fool's Day

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Origin, Traditions and Foolishness…

Did you ever wonder why is April Fools’ Day celebrated?:

Did you ever wonder why is April Fools’ Day celebrated? Origins of April Fool’s Day are obscure as there are many beliefs associated with the tradition. The closest point in time can be identified in 1582 in France. Prior to 1582, New Year was celebrated on 25 th March and then culminated on 1 st April.

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During the reign of Charles IX, Gregorian calendar was introduced and New Year moved to 1 st January. Communication being slow during those days, many people did not receive timely information. These people continued to celebrate on 1 st April. Tricks were played on such people. Over the years, it culminated into a tradition of April Fools’ Day.


Traditions Today, 1 st April continues to be a day of playing tricks in the spirit of fun. It is also known as “All Fool’s Day.” It is a fun time for traditional playing pranks on unsuspected people and the victim of such a prank is called an “April Fool.” Tradition dictates in many cultures that the prank period must expire at noon on April 1 and any jokes afterwards bring back luck to the perpetrator.

Rules of the Game:

Rules of the Game Play harmless tricks. Your tricks should make your victim laugh or at least smile. It should be played in the spirit of fun.

Here are some prank ideas::

Here are some prank ideas: Tease your food crazy friends by creating a poster of banned food products and write in the end ‘P.S. Relax ! Happy April Fool’s Day’ Buy a bunch of googly eyes from a craft store and stick them everywhere all over a person's desk. Take an item from the victim's office. Take a picture of the item and leave it on the victim's desk along with a "ransom" note.