Culture influencing our critical thinking

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Read how language, art and history shape our culture. Learn how in this diverse world it's important to have rational or critical thinking towards different cultures.


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Culture influencing our critical thinking:

Culture influencing our critical thinking ontent/uploads/2011/01/new_brain.jpg

What’s culture?:

What’s culture? It means a whole of socially transmitted arts, beliefs, behavior patterns and all other products of human work as well as thought. All these patterns and traits are considered as an expression of a particular period, class, community or population.

What’s critical thinking?:

What’s critical thinking? Critical thinking refers to a higher-order thought process that questions assumptions. It’s a way of analyzing whether a claim or notion is true, false, or sometimes true and sometimes false, or partly true and partly false.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The relation between culture and critical thinking is very complex.

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It’s a culture that shapes our perception, experience and our responses to the world around us.

Cultural elements influencing our worlds and thoughts :

Cultural elements influencing our worlds and thoughts

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Language This is a way of communicating ideas either verbally or non-verbally articulated by the organs of the throat and mouth. It is a form with its roots strongly embedded in culture and carries cultural identity of the society or nation where its born.

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History History contains a nation’s or a society's events of the past. When we think about our history, we perceive events through the lens of our own experience. kipedia/commons/6/68/Young_Folks%27_History_of_Rome_illus420.png

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Art and architecture Art and architecture is a crown jewel of any culture. It speaks of the cultural heritage of the people, their imagination, emotions and sentiments.

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In this diverse globe, it’s important to understand the meaning of language, history and how they affect the culture of a nation.  It helps you in bridging up a gap between yourself and others of different cultures. A critical thinking encompasses all sorts of issues of the world and helps in better knowledge of different cultures of the world.