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Whats The Deal with the Dab Rig Dab oil or wax rigs are mostly utilized for smoking oils and concentrates. The purpose of using a wax rig is to provide the smoker with a superior smoking experience not necessarily a healthier one though when dealing with smoking concentrates. If youre smoking concentrated substances like various drugs and whatnot then a wax rig can help you out. So what a dab rig is. It works by maximizing vapor production and minimizing harsh hits whether its flavored glycol e-liquid from your e-cig or the dankest of hash for your bong. The oil rig meanwhile has many things in common with the traditional bong. Several of these similarities can include customizable attachments and multiple percolators. More about Dab or Wax Rigs Customization for Dab Rigs: Your dab rigs can be customized with various selections of upgrades. This includes things such as titanium quartz or ceramic nails. There are various shops out there that offer various dab rigs like ones made from aluminum oxide glass which is considered the strongest glass in the world. When buying such a wax rig you can be reassured that youre getting the most durable product possible that can last you a long time or even your entire lifetime. Dabbing in the Context of Dab Rigs: Dabbing which shouldnt be confused with the Internet fad or meme is a method of pressing a piece of concentrate extract or essential oil against a heated surface of a wax or oil rig pipe then inhaling the smoke. Its essentially how a bong works and its what weed and tobacco smokers depend on when it comes to maximizing their smoking experience to the utmost. This is the type of dabbing that actually gets you places so to speak. A Growing Trend for Smoking Aficionados: Dabbing is actually one of the newest and fastest growing trends for aficionados of smoking whether its tobacco or marijuana. If youre a smoker

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who wishes to have a less harsh smoking experience then you can dab instead of smoking a joint or a cigarette. This is even more akin to vaping than using a bong because youre opting to get more vapors into your system. With dabbing theres no combustion involved even though its done at a high temperature. Less of a Guessing Game: Dabbing is less of a guessing game due to the more uniform experience of making the substance at a uniform high temperature. When simply smoking a cigarette or joint the fire or ember doesnt uniformly burn the substance whether its rolled-up tobacco or a hash of cannabis. There are also more carcinogens and other substances involved with burning versus vaping or dabbing. Controlled Dosages: Dabbing with dab rigs also control your dosages easier. This enables you to customize your smoking experience in every which way. Less of the product is required when dabbing because its more efficient in getting the essence of the product out of the concentrate or essential oil. Youll actually save more money yet get more of an effect from what youre inhaling when you dab. So do more than just dab on the haters dab on your doobie as well. dab rig