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Student Engagement 101 : 

Student Engagement 101 Effective Questioning Techniques as an Instructional Strategy

Agenda : 

Agenda Intro & Overview Content presentation – 5 min Clicker Question – 5 min Group Exercise - 10 Q & A – 5 min

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Advantages of Lectures : 

Advantages of Lectures Simple, direct , straightforward Familiar to students and faculty Flexible, versatile Faculty has great deal of control Cover unpublished, unrecorded content Can be used with large groups Others?

Disadvantages of Lectures : 

Disadvantages of Lectures Poor presentation skills Lacks feedback (students & faculty) Students passive observers Students many be bad note takers Student attention span limited Limited to factual info, not higher level thinking Others?

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What Do Students Do During Lectures?

Possible Responses : 

Possible Responses Copy from the board/screen Copy things the faculty says Checks email, text, cell msgs., surfs web Daydreams, doodle, plays games, sleep Reads non-class material Does course assignments Thinks about personal issues Talks to neighbor Other ideas?

Thiagi’s Approach : 

Thiagi’s Approach

8 Steps to Engaging Learners : 

8 Steps to Engaging Learners Know your audience Have a map to follow Grab their attention (beginning) Remember their attention span

8 Steps to Engaging Learners : 

8 Steps to Engaging Learners Have an activity (middle) Use visual aids, voice & movement Have a conclusion (end) Have students do something as follow-up

Greg Williams : 

Greg Williams Director & Clinical Assistant Professor UMBC www.gregwilliams.net

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