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Case Studies:

Case Studies Safeguarding Group 2

Fatima :

Fatima Fatima is 15 years old. Recently, she has had an unusual amount of money, new clothes, ipods etc. She attends the local youth group, and likes Sharon, the youth worker, in whom she confides in her that she is planning to run away to London with her boyfriend, Paul, who is 35 years old. She says he is very good to her and has bought her the clothes and a new mobile when they went to Manchester last week. He also drives a ‘great’ car. It becomes clear that her parents do not know about her plans to go to London, nor her relationship with Paul. She is a fairly naive 15 year old, who looks young for her age. 2

Fatima :

Fatima Imagine you are in Sharon’s shoes. What are your concerns? None, I think Fatima is fine Fatima is quite vulnerable Fatima is too young to make decisions about where she lives Fatima is at risk of abuse (which sort?) Fatima needs a better relationship with her family Fatima is at risk of sexual exploitation Let us see how Sharon handles this.... 3

Sharon :

Sharon Is concerned and goes to her manager to discuss her concerns: Fatima is quite vulnerable Fatima is too young to make decisions about where she lives Fatima is potentially at risk of abuse Fatima is at risk of sexual exploitation Sharon’s manager asks her to make a referral to both police and CSC as she is worried that Fatima may be taken to London any day 4

Joshua :

Joshua Joshua is 4 weeks old and lives with his father and mother. This morning the health visitor, Chenah saw him in clinic, and noticed a small bruise in his cheek. When she asked how the bruise had happened, each parent initially said they did not know, and then later father said that Joshua had rolled off the changing table. 5

Joshua :

Joshua Imagine you are in Chenah’s shoes. What are your concerns? None, I think Joshua is fine and the bruise is accidental Joshua is quite vulnerable Joshua’s parents need support Joshua may have suffered abuse (which sort?) Let us see how Chenah handles this.... 6

Chenah :

Chenah Chenah knows that babies of this age are unable to roll. She is also concerned about the changing explanation of the bruise. She discusses the situation with her named nurse, and together they agree that she needs to refer, by telephone to Children’s Social Care 7

Mahalia & Ngonde:

Mahalia & Ngonde Mahalia is five years old and lives with her father. Her mother died three months ago. She has been attending her local school for six months. Her younger brother Ngonde (3) attends a local family centre. In the last few months, Mahalia’s attendance has been erratic, she has arrived late, been picked up late, been unkempt and hungry. Mahalia’s teacher, Angela is Mahalia’s class teacher. 8

Mahalia & Ngonde:

Mahalia & Ngonde Imagine you are in Angela’s shoes. What are your concerns? None, I think Mahalia and Ngonde are fine The children are quite vulnerable Their dad needs support Mahalia & Ngonde may have suffered abuse (which sort?) Let us follow how Angela deals with this situation.... 9

Angela :

Angela Angela goes and speaks to the designated teacher. In discussion, it transpires that the concerns are all recent, suggesting that dad is not coping after his bereavement Angela speaks with him and he agrees to a referral to a parenting group at the local children’s centre, and a referral to a bereavement counselling scheme 10


Andrew Andrew works in a children’s nursery He has not worked there long, but he overhears a colleague, Noreen shouting loudly at daisy who is 18 months old that she is a “disgusting little b**ch, and if she dirties her nappy again, she is going to have a smacked leg” Andrew is worried about this, as his colleague is very experienced and he has been placed with Noreen for his induction. He is still in his probationary period . 11

Andrew :

Andrew Imagine you are in Andrew’s shoes. What are your concerns? None, I think everything is fine Noreen’s behaviour is concerning In a nursery, the children are quite vulnerable Noreen needs support Children in the nursery may have suffered abuse (which sort?) Let us follow how Andrew deals with this situation.... 12

Andrew :

Andrew Andrew speaks to the nominated person in the nursery. She takes his concerns seriously. There are procedures for this situation which she must follow. She ensures that Andrew knows that he has done the right thing by telling her and discusses his future working arrangements with him. 13

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