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Information Sharing:

Information Sharing Safeguarding Group 2

Information Sharing:

Information Sharing “No enquiry into a child’s death or injury has ever questioned why information was shared. It has always asked the opposite” Georgina Nunney – Solicitor Lewisham Making it Happen ECM 2008 2

Golden rules for information sharing:

Golden rules for information sharing Remember that Data Protection Act is not a barrier to sharing information Be open and honest Seek advice where in doubt Share with consent whenever possible and where appropriate Consider safety and well being Necessary, proportionate, relevant, accurate, timely and secure Keep a record Pocket Guide to Information Sharing HM Gov 2008 3

If children tell you of abuse...:

When talking to children: Do more listening than talking Give your full attention Use the child’s own words Whilst talking to the child: check out you have heard correctly - repeat back to the child what you think they said let them know you are listening and it is OK to tell you Don’t ask leading questions If children tell you of abuse... After talking to the child about abuse: It is not your fault, it was wrong what happened to you I am glad you told me, we will try to do something about this It has happened to others and I know they have sorted it out This is what will happen next... 4

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