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Cyber Defense Group is a trusted cyber security consultancy located in Los Angeles, CA formed by cyber security professionals from multiple industries.


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A Look at Incident Response Services from Cyber Defense Group When events take a nasty turn knowing what to do when things are going wrong is pure knowledge and skills for team of incident response professionals at Cyber Defense Group. With solid plans and procedures the Cyber Defense Group provides incident response services that are par excellence. The knowing begins with strategy that provides the framework for response. Incident Response IR according to the spokesperson at requires specialized skills to ensure you are covered legally and digitally in the event of an adverse cyber security incident. They can help in the event of a data breach via  Incident Response  Forensics/Investigation The spokesperson at the website of Cyber Defense Group further says “CDG has handled incidents for organizations of all sizes against adversaries ranging from nation-states to “script kiddies”. We provide a team of world-class experts who can quickly identify the scope of the response and determine a plan to recover your environment as quickly as possible.” Cyber Defense Group Incident Response team can be spun up in less than 24 hours. They deploy specialized tools and work with your existing security and IT teams to identify and contain the breach as quickly as possible. Forensics/Investigations CDG’s forensic team can help trace the “Five W’s” on how an incident occurred as well as aid with investigations around any type of digital crime.

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With Skills Experience the IR team which includes some of the most experienced professionals in the world having successfully defended and recovered against nation state attackers. The team holds top certifications in security CISSP CISM and CISA and forensics CFE CFCE EnCe GFCE. If You Are Currently Experiencing an Incident Please Contact Cyber Defense Group at INCIDENTSCDG.IO or 888.450.0911 About CDG is a leading provider of cyber security solutions that enable organizations to implement an active analytics-driven approach to cyber security. They are focused information security specialist that partner with clients to deliver a holistic approach to cyber security. For cyber security threats CDG specializes in providing the ultimate cyber security solutions in order to prevent devastating types of attacks to your system and facilitate safe web browsing. Los Angeles: 555 W 5th Street 35th floor LA CA 90013 New York: 420 Lexington Avenue Suite 300 NY NY 10170 Email: Phone: +1 888.450.0911

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