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STGR 101 Introduction to Student Groups : 

STGR 101 Introduction to Student Groups 3 (fi 6) (either term, 3-0-0). Provides an introduction to everything you need to know about student groups.

Agenda : 

Agenda Why start a student group? Registration Rentals Event Management Grant Applications Booking Space Administrative Details

Why start a student group? : 

Why start a student group? Grants Room bookings Office space and other rentals Insurance coverage Risk management training Leadership opportunities

Requirements : 

Requirements University of Alberta 2/3 membership = students 1 AGM/year Bank account Students Union 2/3 membership = undergraduates 3/4 executives = students President and Treasurer = students

Special Requirements : 

Special Requirements Faculty/Departmental Associations Sport/Recreation Fraternity/Sorority

The Process : 

The Process Registration Form Constitution Liability Form Insurance (if applicable) External affiliate (if applicable)

Rentals : 

Rentals Offices Mailbox/Lockers

Event Management : 

Event Management Set clear objectives Delegate responsibility Budget Venue...

Booking Event Venues : 

Booking Event Venues Discounted rates for student groups RATT, Dewey’s, Myer Horowitz, Dinwoodie Outdoor event request for BBQs [Contact Info]

Event Management (cont.) : 

Event Management (cont.) Speakers Volunteers Event schedule Advertise...

Marketing and Promotion : 

Marketing and Promotion Posters Social Media Tabling (ticket sales) Where can you book tables? [Contact Info]

Event Management (cont.) : 

Event Management (cont.) Food/Beverages Discount catering at L’Express Do you need a food license? Alcohol Training and Security AA Seminars Social Conveners License and purchasing Security identifiers

Event Management (cont.) : 

Event Management (cont.) Risk Management [Contact Info] Waivers and liability forms One month notice Volunteer Training Equipment Rentals Flipchart holder and projectors

Grant Applications : 

Grant Applications Types of grants Deadlines What you need to apply

Room Bookings : 

Room Bookings Free for student groups Majority are booked through Exams and Timetabling Some through the Students Union Reception at SUB 2-900 [Contact Info]

Administrative Details : 

Administrative Details Group CCID and email Transition documents Executive roles and procedural manual

The End : 

The End