3 Ways to Prevent Electric Arc Flash Blasts


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Arc flash is one of the most disastrous electrical hazard known to man. Find out, how you can prevent electrical arc flash by following some simple safety measures. Electrical engineering company NY, "Current Solutions PC" can help you to make your electrical power distribution systems more secure and safe.


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3 Ways to Prevent Electric Arc Flash Blasts :

3 Ways to Prevent Electric Arc Flash Blasts By Steward Hudson From Designnews.com View Original Article HERE: http://goo.gl/2ezUrE

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As engineers and electricians work near hazardous equipment, they’re more prone to serious injuries caused by falls from high grounds and circuits. Workers who are exposed to such hazardous working environments need appropriate training to ensure that no serious casualty or injury occurs. The only way to keep away from an arc flash injury is to ensure the following:

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Appropriate training

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Safe working gear and tools

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Necessary preventative measures

OSHA Guidelines:

OSHA Guidelines The foremost step to prevent arc flash is to ensure that all employees and workers who are exposed to energized equipment are trained under OSHA's safe working practice laws. This training provides employees with the necessary knowhow of how to handle and operate the relevant machinery. Arc flash injuries occur on a yearly basis in America, which is why OSHA has become increasingly vigilant to ensure compliance of the work safety laws.

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OSHA, the regulating body for employee workplace safety, has standardized laws that require laborers working directly or indirectly with energized machinery to wear appropriate gear to minimize the risk of various electrical hazards. This includes various types of protective helmets and glasses to avoid injuries from hazards created by flying objects, molten metal, and electrical sparks. It’s important that the protective clothing is heat resistant and durable. For the body, it’s important to have flexible and comfortable clothing that includes standardized jackets, pants, shirts, and gloves; a full flash suit is also an option. Arc flash injuries often occur due to the lack of protective gear. Therefore, it’s important to comply with the standardized form of protective clothing as suggested by OSHA.

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To ensure employee safety at hazardous workplaces, it’s essential to install necessary precautionary equipment such as guard rails, insulation, barricades, etc. Employees must be aware of various danger signs that can instigate arc blast. Other than these precautionary measures, it’s necessary to maintain a routine check of the electrical equipment and the different kinds of protective equipment used. Lack of maintenance is also a reason that an arc blast occurs.

Electrical Engineering Company NY:

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