American Wars

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American Wars : 

American Wars Courtney Conry

American Revolution : 

American Revolution 1760-1785 Great Britain controls Englishmen’s rights. English colonists vs. Great Britain A disagreement between rights This Boston Massacre made the fight intense. Treaty of Paris ended the war. Timeline

Civil War : 

Civil War 1861-1865 The bloodiest war! A disagreement between slavery For the North and South. The Union lost more than 110,00 people. The Confederates lost 93,000 people.

World War l : 

World War l 1914-1918 The second bloodiest war in history! More than 15 million deaths. Conflict between worlds of “great powers” Also known as the Great War!

World War ll : 

World War ll 1941-1945 Allied Forces: Britain, France, the U.S, Allied: The Soviet Union, China, Canada, Australia The Allied won More that 407,300 deaths Allies and Axis both wanted power Most widespread war in history!

Korean War : 

Korean War 1950-1953 More than 54,246 deaths South Korea vs. North Korea and China. China wanted power over the Koreans. North Korea wanted freedom from China. South Korea wanted to have their own government.

Iraq’s Freedom : 

Iraq’s Freedom March 18, 2003-present Lead by Saddam Hussein So far 4,311 deaths-USA 46,132 wounded but still counting War cause: Iraq’s turned on US government.

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